9 Over-the-Cabinet-Door Organizers Under $25 to Free Up Valuable Sink Space

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The insides of your cabinet doors are teeming with storage potential — it just takes the right organizer. Whether you realize it or not, there are all sorts of clever over-the-cabinet-door gadgets that can streamline your cupboards, drawers, and sink zones in seconds. From hair tool holders to towel racks and more, here are nine over-the-cabinet-door organizers that free up so much storage space.


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Finding space to stash cutting boards and cookie sheets in a tiny kitchen is no easy feat. This bronze-finished bakeware organizer slides over a cabinet door to corral baking sheets, muffin pans, and more.

Why waste valuable wall space on a towel rack when you can have one inside the cabinet under your sink instead? This pair of steel towel racks hangs over a cabinet door so you can store pot holders and dish towels out of sight (but within arm's reach).

The only thing better than an over-the-cabinet-door storage basket is a double storage basket. This wire organizer turns the dead space inside your cupboards into prime storage for hand soaps, spices, canned foods, and more.

As much as we depend on our hair tools every day, they take up a lot of valuable bathroom cabinet and drawer space. This over-the-door hair station features a built-in basket and hanging hooks to conveniently store brushes, curling wands, flat irons, and other hair styling products.


In the market for a handsome over-the-cabinet-door organizer that's sophisticated enough to show off in a small kitchen? This closed, clean-lined basket is designed to hold everything from knives to cutting boards, and is stylish enough to display on the outside of your cabinet (if you choose).

A plastic bag organizer that hangs on the inside of a cabinet door can instantly free up kitchen or pantry space. This handy basket can hold up to 50 plastic grocery bags in one simple-to-access place so you can recycle and reuse them with ease.

When you don't have the surface space to store a bulky storage basket, one that hangs over a cabinet door is the next best thing. This white-coated wire basket is crafted to hold bigger, bottled items such as shampoo, conditioner, and cleaning spray, but can also corral smaller stuff like sponges, candles, and scrub brushes.

If you thought you had to devote an entire under-the-sink cabinet to a kitchen or bathroom waste bin, then you'd be mistaken. This genius over-the-cabinet-door organizer is designed to hold a four-gallon trash bag as well as food wrap, garbage bags, and larger kitchenwares.


A chic acrylic over-the-cabinet-door organizer can work wonders in a tight kitchen or bathroom. Along with freeing up sink zone and cabinet space, this see-through storage bin doesn't create unnecessary visual clutter.


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