9 Collapsible Kitchenwares for Under $25 That Free Up So Much Storage Space

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Small kitchens come with their own unique set of challenges. Along with having little to no cabinet or drawer space, cramped kitchens rarely provide enough surface area to store bulky cooking and baking wares.


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Fortunately, there is an array of transforming kitchen tools that fold up when not in use. From twisting whisks to foldable cutting boards and more, here are nine collapsible kitchen items that will save you so much cabinet and countertop space.

If you thought perfectly steamed veggies required a bulky metal steamer, then it's time to think again. The self-adjusting sides of this dishwasher-safe steamer allow it to fit an assortment of pots and pans, and folds up and away for storage.

Large mixing bowls and storage containers can take up a lot of valuable kitchen real estate. These clever silicone bowls collapse into a slender, flat shape that can easily be stacked inside a small cabinet.

Having a multi-functional kitchen utensil that collapses to free up coveted kitchen drawer space is always a good thing. The silicone-coated steel wires of this transforming, multi-use whisk can be closed flat for simplified storage.


Nothing clutters up a cramped kitchen drawer like a set of measuring cups. Each of the silicone measuring cups in this set of five collapses down to a fraction of its full size.

The only thing better than a collapsible serving bowl is one that's designed to make movie theater-quality popcorn in your microwave. This big transforming bowl features a lid with a built-in measuring cup and can hold up to nine cups of popcorn before flattening into a small, storage-savvy shape.

A folding cutting board can make meal prep and organizing go a lot more smoothly in a small kitchen. The sides of this convertible cutting board fold up to form a chute that makes cooking — and fitting into a tight area — a breeze.

For as much as we depend on our dish drying racks, they take up a ton of countertop space. This expanding dish rack pops open to store dinnerwares, glasses, and cutlery, but collapses flat when not in use.


Love the idea of composting food waste, but lacking in countertop space? This collapsing waste bin can be hung over the door of a cabinet or drawer, and folds flat when you aren't using it.

Let's face it: Colanders are big, bulky, and tough to store out of plain sight. Luckily, this expanding colander collapses into a flat square to free up prized cupboard, surface, and dishwasher space.