How to Remove Mirror Frames

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Mirror frames can be used for many different things.

You could have any number of reasons to remove a mirror frame. You could refurbish an old frame for reuse in your home. You could salvage an old mirror frame to use with a painting or photograph, or you could even wish to replace a broken mirror so you can continue to use the mirror frame as a mirror. Regardless of your reasoning, removing a mirror frame will require a few basic hand tools.


Step 1

Remove the fish-eye hooks that hold the metal wire used to secure the mirror to the wall. Grasp the hook with a pair of pliers and turn the hooks counterclockwise. Not all mirrors use fish-eye hooks used for hanging mirrors. If your mirror does not have a wire extending across the back of it, forgo this step.

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Step 2

Locate the metal tabs on the back of the mirror that holds mirror into the frame. These metal tabs press into the inner side of the frame and extend onto the mirror glass.


Step 3

Pry each metal tab upward by pressing a small flat-head screwdriver between the mirror glass and the metal tap. Pry up just enough to get your pliers onto the metal tabs.

Step 4

Pull the metal tabs out of the wooden frame with the pliers.

Step 5

Lift up on one corner of the frame and push on the mirror from the front. This pushes the mirror glass out of the frame.



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