7 Spooky-Chic Halloween DIY Projects

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We wait for that first whisper of cool breeze that creeps at the end of summer; around the time days are still long, the apex of heat and humidity its most unbearable, and right at the moment we've lost hope, sure fall might never come, there it is. Halloween. When candy aisles look desolate and temperatures taper off at a reasonable degree as if by magic: all is right in the world. We are almost there, people! Meanwhile, get spiffy and spooky (respectively), fully ready for the season ahead with one of our Halloween DIYs.


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1. Mud Cloth Paint Job

DO THE DIY: Modern, no-carve pumpkins done up in a mud cloth motif — these are so cute and totally DIY-foolproof (we've included a handy PDF template, here).

2. Spooky-Chic Candelabra

DO THE DIY: Spooky-chic decor is definitely a thing and definitely appropriate all year-round (no judgement) but especially when October hits ... plus you could technically keep this minimal copper candelabra out for Thanksgiving, just sayin'.

3. No-Carve Pumpkins, Done Three Ways

DO THE DIY: Y'all ready for more jack-o'-lantern alternatives that still look festive, maybe a few gold studs here and there, and you don't even have to carve? (No carving means no mess, according to Captain Obvious.)

4. Spooky Flower Arrangement

DO THE DIY: This moody flower arrangement would make the perfect table centerpiece during a sophisticated Halloween soiree or as autumnal entryway decoration ... or a night acting out a game of real-life Clue or hosting a Dungeons & Dragons party. Totally up to you!


5. Easy, Not Cheesy Halloween Centerpiece

DO THE DIY: Look closely and you might catch just how simply this project comes together, but hey, that's what our DIYs are all about — maximum impact, minimal effort.

6. Scandi-Inspired Pumpkin Planters

DO THE DIY: OK, talk about a Halloween-Thanksgiving crossover piece — these all-white DIY planters are shaped like pumpkins and act as homes for a few of your fall succulent starters through the rest of the season.

7. Halloween Moon-Shaped Ornaments

DO THE DIY: Follow the phases of the moon all throughout October with this adorable set of air-dry clay Halloween ornaments.


Lauren McQuade is a writer, editor based in Los Angeles.