20 Chic Halloween Decor Ideas That Are Anything But Cheesy

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Halloween is the perfect holiday to get into interior decorating, whether you're a seasoned pro with troves of pumpkins or a beginner dipping your toes into the water with DIY cut-out bats. Celebrating spooky season as well as autumn, Halloween decor is more versatile than you might expect and can range from goth to cozy, offering plenty of options for all types of home decor styles.


For displays that will set your space apart, consider going with decorations that are elegant and polished and pair well with the existing aesthetics of your home. Of course, chicness is entirely in the eyes of the beholder, but you can't go wrong with a monochrome palette, dried florals, or an artful display of pumpkins and gourds on your front porch. Some elements like classic candlesticks and spooky-chic artwork can even stay in your home year-round.

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Read on for 20 Halloween decor ideas that celebrate the season in an elevated, not-at-all cheesy way.

20 Chic Halloween Decor Ideas

1. Start with your entryway.

What better way to have a chic Halloween than by putting together an elevated entryway that will impress all of your trick-or-treaters? This porch from Jessica of Rusty 7s shows us how: The fresh flowers and pastel pumpkins are stylish, while the witches' hats and giant spider remind us of the holiday's more macabre elements. For extra whimsy, add a punny and seasonal doormat that will delight your visitors.


2. Embrace non-traditional pumpkins.

Pumpkin-related DIY projects are one of the most fun parts of Halloween, but the fruit's typical orange color (yes, pumpkins are technically fruits!) might not go with the existing palette at your home. For seasonal decorations that can fit in anywhere, consider displaying pumpkins like the ones pictured above by Joy Perez Bennett — the white and gold colors make the pumpkins feel instantly classic, and the geometric shapes painted on the outside turn them into a unique work of art.



3. Focus on greenery.

For an elegant look during spooky season, consider adding greenery to your mantel instead of the traditional orange and black decorations. This fireplace designed by Amy Lynne shows how successful plants can be in making a corner of your home feel sophisticated, while white and pale green pumpkins add subtle Halloween vibes. Contrasted against an all-white color scheme, the trailing plants and topiary tree provide visual interest as well as vitality. To bring the autumnal theme home, add some taper candles and birch logs.


4. Go monochrome.

To create a more minimalist aesthetic, take inspiration from this monochrome tablescape by Moderni Sisustus. The pumpkins of varying sizes, all painted white, evoke the abundance of harvest season, and the faux antlers and candles create the feeling of a forest covered in the first snow of the year. To add variety, fresh flowers are staggered between decorations, completing this spread that's also fairly easy to assemble.


5. Mix in cut-outs.

The key to chic Halloween decor is simplicity, and this study designed by Joanna of Bamabookgal shows us how to maximize themed cut-outs. Attached to the exposed brick wall, the bat silhouettes add an element of surprise and delight to the space that's amplified by the trio of small ghost-shaped planters on the bookshelf. Every piece of decoration is on-theme and easy to swap out come November.



6. Create a simple centerpiece.

You may be trying to avoid cheesy or over-the-top Halloween decor ideas, but that doesn't mean you have to give up traditional motifs like ghosts, spider webs, and bats. To incorporate them in a polished way, take a cue from this centerpiece designed by Carrie Waller. A piece of driftwood provides an understated, classy backdrop for simple construction-paper bats.


7. Decorate with garlands.

In addition to painting pumpkins and creating cut-outs, making Halloween garlands is another DIY project that's fun and easy to do. For her autumnal vanity, Jasmine of What Jas Loves hung up this adorable tassel ghost garland made by Hola Hermanas Collective. Not only does it match the soft, desert-inspired color palette, but the minimalist ghosts are also a nice alternative to the usual white, cartoonish version.


8. Stick to black and white.

The classic black and white palette is so versatile, it can also help your space feel more in line with spooky season. Just look at this entryway designed by Natalie of Black Suburban Farm House: Every detail, from the basket with the skull cushion to the faux skeleton sitting on top of the low table, is a perfect fit with the minimal palette. The ghost garland adds a dash of playfulness to the space.



9. Work with your existing color scheme.

If your home features tasteful furniture and a muted palette, you can still take part in Halloween-related merriment. Consider showcasing select items that fit in with the color scheme, like the ghost cushions and pumpkin throw pillow in this living room designed by Bria of @mrs_glamdecor. They're festive and look perfect atop the white wingback chair, and the plush pumpkin on the floor brings home the seasonal vibe.

10. Hang up a Halloween wreath.

Even if it's not wintertime just yet, you can still hang a fall wreath on your door to celebrate the season. Designed by Alex of At Home with Alex, this colorful bundle makes a fun statement with a neutral palette and orange accents. It's on-theme for Halloween yet understated, making it the ideal decor for autumnal elegance.

11. Turn to metal accents.

Metal accents can help pull your space together and provide a focal point for the decorations. On this mantel designed by Ashley of Modern Glam, the round mirror with gold frame is a successful centerpiece, anchoring a whimsical display of jack-o-lanterns, a ghost-themed garland, and bat cut-outs. To make your arrangement look more varied, borrow a page from Ashley's book and mix jack-o'-lanterns with regular pumpkins.


12. Cultivate a rustic vibe.

Chic Halloween decor has lot in common with cottagecore — both aesthetics embrace the homespun as well as the whimsical. To take your rustic home to the next level, look at what Thomas from Rust & Trust has done with this living room: For some extra flair, he added the wicker witch hats and wrought iron candle holders, infusing drama into the minimalist space.

13. Wall art can be key.

Spooky wall art can be all you need for laidback yet compelling Halloween decor. This mantel-top arrangement from Jordyn Hadwin successfully balances the fun with the spooky. The faux skeleton is propped up in a playful manner, and the pumpkins in a range of colors and textures are a feast for the eyes. The high point is the framed print with a ghost against a checkerboard background, which grabs the viewer's attention and matches the foundational palette of black and white.

14. Add twinkle lights.

For some otherworldly illumination, consider using twinkle lights with your Halloween display this year. They require less maintenance than candles but still give off the same cozy glow that's perfect for the shorter days of autumn. For a more visually interesting arrangement, layer white or yellow twinkle lights with a garland, like Ashley of Modern Glam did with the spider-themed decor here.

15. Use statement pieces.

Designed by Lace of @fabulace02, this display shows us how effective a statement piece can be. The dark faux skull ties the decorations together and offers a nice contrast against the neutral palette. Add some dried pampas grass and candles, and you have the perfect spooky-chic shelf vignette.

16. Have fun with pastels.

Halloween doesn't have to be all orange, black, or white. This corner of the living room designed by Jordyn Hadwin shows us how a pastel palette can make for a light and appealing seasonal decor: While the tombstones still echo the Halloween theme, their pink, auburn, and lavender colors are more whimsical than spooky, and the throw pillow and macramé wall hanging make the space feel extra inviting.

17. Take advantage of your shelves.

To lean into the witchy side of Halloween decor, use your existing shelf space to display seasonal items such as pumpkins, apples, and themed garlands. Danielle from Rusty Shovels added candles and heavy glass jars to her shelves, pictured above, creating a rustic corner that evokes the popular apothecore aesthetic. Subtle patterns, like the gingham lampshade and checkerboard wall art, provide just the right amount of visual interest for the room.

18. Add dried plants.

Dried plants can be a great way to add movement and elegance to your space. In this entryway, Stephanie Freeman created a perfectly rustic and spooky feel using decor made of natural materials in a neutral palette. The dried branches paired with the terracotta vase make for simple yet dynamic lines, and they fit in with the minimalist aesthetic, bringing the autumnal forest straight into the home.

19. Be creative with your mantel.

The mantel is a built-in display case for your season decor. This Halloween, tuck away your family photos and put out some decorations that are celebratory and chic. Kimberly Miller Marion shows us how with a neutral palette, gold accents, and a ghost motif. The large, dried leaves evoke the playfulness of autumn, and the ghost figurines are on-theme and elegant. For elevated focal points, add a few metal accent pieces.

20. Play with natural materials.

Traditionally, Halloween is a time to honor the spirits and reflect on mortality. What better way to do that than connecting with nature? For elegant spooky season decor, play with natural materials such as wicker and rattan like Jessica from Pumpkin and Gray did here. The wall hanging made from woven baskets, placemats, and a fan is understated yet autumnal, while the ghost candleholder and caramel-colored candles make the space look even more charming.