We’re Calling It: Apothecore Is About to Take Over Fall

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Between cottagecore, Barbiecore, cluttercore, fairycore, goblincore, and so on, the internet is addicted to categorizing niche design styles as their very own -core. And honestly, we're here for it, which is why we're using our trend-spotting skills to predict fall's latest and greatest: apothecore.


This Hunker-coined term references a modern take on everything you'd find in an old apothecary, from cabinets with tiny drawers to glass jars and vintage-inspired labels. And instead of limiting these items to a medicine cabinet, they can and should be sprinkled throughout the entire home, with glass canisters used as bud vases, spice jars, toiletry holders, and candle vessels, and antique apothecary cabinets used as office organizers, bedroom dressers, and kitchen storage. Think ​Practical Magic-​vibes​:​ unique, vintage-inspired pieces that almost conjure cottagecore, but instead of pretty pastels and lavender fields, you have moody hues, lots of candlelight, and fall foliage.

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To get a better idea of what we predict will take over fall 2022, here are a selection of our favorite apothecore picks to ensure you're ahead of the trend.



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