Spice Rack Ideas: 15 Clever Ways to Organize Your Spices

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Picture this: You're whipping up your mom's famous chicken noodle soup when you get to the part of the recipe that calls for a bay leaf. You ​know​ you have a bottle of them stored somewhere, but your spice rack isn't exactly living up to Marie Kondo standards at the moment. (Ain't nobody got thyme for that.) Not only is your soup left simmering without said bay leaf, but now you've sufficiently messed up your dedicated spice drawer even more. No need to panic — we've got you covered. Take a cue from one of these 15 top-notch organization hacks and get your spice stash in tip-top shape.


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1. Store your spices in test tubes.

For those who liken their culinary skills to working in a test lab, these little tubes are available on Amazon — wooden holding rack sold separately — so all you need to do is grab a small funnel, steady your hand, and pour. Pop this test tube spice rack on your countertop for a guaranteed conversation starter.


Get the look:Depepe Glass Test Tubes (30 pieces), $15.99

2. DIY labels for all of your spice jars.

If you have extra drawer space, follow the lead of Kari from Graceful Mommy and designate one of them as your spice headquarters. Invest in a matching set of jars and get your label maker ready. The uniform size and shape of the jars, combined with clear, organized labels, mean no more blindly searching for the oregano on pizza night.


Get the look:Monica 4-Ounce Glass Spice Jars (14 pack), $16.99 and Dymo Organizer Xpress Handheld Embossing Label Maker, $10.82

3. Free up counter space with a wall-mounted rack.

When cabinet space is not an option, this nifty all-in-one set includes everything you'll need for supreme spice storage. But, the very best part of this kit is that it comes with five years of spice refills for each container. (The gift that keeps on giving.)


Get the look:Kamenstein Criss-Cross Revolving Tower Spice Rack (18 Jars), $41.73

4. Choose a durable wire-frame rack.

If you have to put your spices on display, why not do it in rose gold? Made of chicken wire, this stylish four-tier storage solution is snazzy enough to catch the eye, yet durable enough to sufficiently store multiple standard-size spice bottles.


Get the look:MyGift Wall-Mounted 4-Tier Black Chicken Wire Spice Rack, $39.99

5. Opt for a magnetic spice rack.

Welcome to our very favorite method of organization: the magnetic spice rack. These tiny little jars include lids that will stick to any magnetic surface. So pop them on your fridge, behind your stove, or buy a magnetic board to hang on your wall. Parsley and cumin will never look the same again.


Get the look:Gneiss Spice Small Empty Magnetic Spice Jars (10 Jars), $55

6. Embrace a tiered lazy Susan.

A classic that even Ina Garten would approve of, this tiered lazy Susan is for those looking to add a vintage touch to their kitchen. Made of iron with a bronze finish, the spice rack features two rotating tiers and comes with nine blown-glass spice jars with iron lids that ensure the contents will remain fresh and easy to identify.


Get the look:Pottery Barn Vintage Blacksmith Rotary Tiered Iron Spice Rack, $89.50

7. Invest in a pull-down spice rack to save space.

When it comes to storing your spices out of sight, we recommend this compact option that extends into a pull-down style rack so you can see everything in one place. Once you've used your favorite spices or seasoning of choice, return it to the rack and ease it back into position, where the contents will be neatly stored and concealed until your next meal prep session.


Get the look:Rubbermaid 3-Tier Mounted Metal Pull-Down Spice Rack, $20.99

8. Combine function and style.

Your dream bohemian kitchen is only a spice rack away. This macrame option will effortlessly add free-spirited vibes to your culinary space. The spice rack hangs from the wall, making it functional and space-saving, while the neutral, earthy tone ensures that it will blend in seamlessly with all of your other culinary essentials, creating the illusion of more space.

Get the look:World Market White Wire Macrame 2-Tier Spice Rack, $6.48

9. Store spices, and make it pretty.

If your breadth of spice-use is limited, consider featuring your all-stars in this adorable, handmade wood spice rack from Etsy, which serves as a nice departure from keeping spices in plastic or clear glass jars. It will serve as both a seasoning sidekick and a pretty piece of wall decor.

Get the look:Starlite Retro Spice Rack With Six Porcelain Hand-Painted Jars, $22

10. Hang spices with hooks.

We rank this 12-piece, hanging spice rack with metal wall hooks as one of our favorites due to its clean, minimalist design. Additionally, it can be placed beneath the cabinet, contributing to a clutter-free kitchen design. To add a personal touch, we recommend an easy DIY project — choose your own wall hooks, attach them to adhesive wood planks, and mount them to the wall. No drilling required.

Get the look:LisasKitchenShop 12-Piece Hanging Spice Rack, $45

11. Install a multipurpose, floating spice rack.

Small spaces really benefit from multipurpose organization ideas, like this spice rack/utensil rod combo. The wall-mounted shelf is made of heavy-duty, washable metal that can hold up to 40 lbs. The rod comes with six S-hooks that can accommodate towels, utensils, mugs, and more.

Get the look:Xabitat No-Drill Adhesive Wall-Mounted Spice Rack, $27.97

12. Use an adjustable rack to accommodate various jar sizes.

Not all spice jars are created equal, which is why we appreciate this intuitively designed spice rack, which completely eliminates any concern about where you'll store those oddly sized containers. Simply adjust the dividers to create space for spice jars and bottles of almost any size. The rack accommodates up to 24 containers.

Get the look:West Elm YouCopia SpiceStack Spice Bottle Organizer, $50

13. Store more spices with an extendable shelf.

Spice collectors rejoice! This spice rack maximizes space by expanding from 12" to 23" in width as needed. Made of bamboo, this attractive storage option features three tiers to neatly stash and display jars, bottles, tins, and cans.

Get the look:The Container Store 3-Tier Bamboo Expanding Spice Shelf, $29.99

14. Use a kitchen drawer insert to separate spices.

There's nothing more aesthetically pleasing than an organized kitchen drawer. IKEA's drawer organizer makes for an eye-catching tool that will add order to your unruly spice containers. Instead of cramming them into that infamous kitchen junk drawer you can barely open, clear out the excess clutter, slide in this insert, and arrange your spices in neat rows.

Get the look:IKEA Variera Insert for Spice Jars, $3.99

15. DIY a tiered rack.

Courtesy of The Home Depot, this lovely DIY spice rack is fresh and allows plenty of room for personalization. According to the retailer, this project is beginner-friendly and only takes between two and four hours to complete. Tools for assembly include a 1- x 4-inch x 8-foot board, a circular saw, sanding block, paint, and brad nails. We love the addition of the chalkboard for a customized touch.

Get the look:DIY Spice Rack Tutorial