This Hack Instantly Turns Mason Jars Into DIY Shaker Bottles

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One of the best things about mason jars is their versatility. After all, thanks to the wide range of available accessory lids, you can turn the iconic jar into myriad containers. And while these lids are relatively affordable, we discovered a trick for getting one for free.


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According to TikTok user @never_clean_enough, the shaker tops of grated Parmesan cheese containers can fit the mouth of mason jars. This means you can instantly turn a simple mason jar into a shaker bottle for spices, dried goods, or powdered homemade cleaners. How useful is that?

It's worth noting that this hack only works with regular-mouth mason jars. The shaker top won't fit mason jars with wide mouths. Also, it's technically more eco-friendly to re-use the entire Parmesan cheese container, rather than just the lid. But if you prefer the look and feel of glass jars, this trick will come in handy.


Personally, we'd use this hack for storing baking soda. The screw-on lid will provide an air-tight seal, while the holes will make it easy to sprinkle on surfaces while cleaning. This way, you can ensure the baking soda will be protected by the elements.


Other mason jar lid hacks:

As it turns out, the lids of Coffeemate bottles ​also​ fit regular-mouth mason jars. This particular lid has a pour spout, which is perfect for liquids. Homemade coffee creamers, anyone?

You can also replace the circular portion of a mason jar lid with the following materials:


  • Chicken wire for holding toothbrushes or utensils
  • Top of Morton Salt containers
  • Upside down empty plastic fruit cups

The lid can also be screwed on with a piece of paper. This is ideal for gifting or storing items. Alternatively, you can pierce the paper with a few holes and store baking soda in the jar for an all-natural air freshener.