8 Spice Organizers That Will Make Your Cabinets, Pantry, or Counters Look Just Right

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No kitchen design is complete without a sufficient system for organizing your spices. Sure, you could haphazardly shove them in a cabinet, but we all know the frustration of having a storage area with bad feng shui (yes, this includes scattered spices). And because we'd rather steer you away from the mess and towards a fresh, clean space where you can locate ingredients with ease, we found the best spice organizers on the internet and compiled them all for your viewing pleasure.


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1. IKEA Bekväm Birch Spice Rack, $4.99

To avoid reaching into the depths of a crowded kitchen cabinet to locate that elusive container of marjoram, we suggest this simple yet effective spice organizer from IKEA. With it, all of your ingredients will be neatly arranged and visible. Plus, it's wall-mounted so you'll have tons of counter space to spare.

2. Lynk Professional Spice Rack Tray, $33.97

If you search for the antonym of junk drawer, the image of this nifty spice organizer tray from Lynk is bound to appear among the top results (or at least, it should). Equipped with a large, heavy-gauge four-tier tray, the organizer can hold up to 32 containers and makes it easy to store and locate every spice. The versatile design is even suitable for drawers, pantry shelves, or kitchen countertops.

3. The Container Store Pull Down Spice Rack, $19.99

For the vertically challenged individual who doesn't want to grab a ladder every time they need to retrieve an ingredient from a tall kitchen cabinet, this pull-down spice organizer is the perfect solution. Made from vinyl-coated wire, the design allows the user to bring the entire shelf down to eye level.


4. Madesmart 2-Level Spice Organizer, $14.99

The only thing worse than not being able to put your hands on the spice you're looking for is opening a cabinet and watching that container fall to the floor. Fortunately, this Madesmart spice organizer comes with a soft-grip lining to prevent jars from shifting. The side handles also make the organizer easy to move around the kitchen.

5. Kamenstein 20-Jar Revolving Spice Rack, $53.95

We'd be remiss to offer you spice organizer options without including the classic revolving style. What makes this Kamenstein option stand out are the labeled tops. Plus, the 20 see-through glass jars have sifters that help with dispensation control. To sweeten the deal, each spice comes with five years of free refills.

6. White Wire Macrame 2-Tier Spice Rack, $12.99

A spice-filled kitchen shouldn't look bland. For an organizer with a bit of style, we like this cute wire and macrame rack from World Market. Not only does it fit perfectly in small spaces, but customers also highly rate its beauty and sturdy design.


7. DeKruidendokters Spice Rack With Testing Tubes, $55.44

Do you run your kitchen like a scientist in a lab? If so, this spice rack with test tubes is a must-have for your culinary workspace. The hanging organizer accommodates 13 seasonings and can easily be mounted on any wall with the accompanying suspension system. Additionally, the chemistry-inspired set is made with natural materials and processed by hand, making each one a custom piece.

8. DIYProjectsShop Rustic Supreme Spice Rack with 60 Glass Jars, $350.60

If your spice collection has outgrown the cabinets and countertops, it might be time to upgrade to an organizer with a ton of storage space and jars. This rack is made from reclaimed wood, cast iron, and rustic pine wax. And the product can either stand alone on a counter or be wall-mounted. It comes with 60 jars, labels, an industrial hook, and a five-piece spoon set.


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