Secret's Out: These 11 Small Kitchen Organization Ideas Are Basically Life-Changing

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We love a clean, clutter-free kitchen as much as the next person, but we have to admit it feels physically impossible to discard every single glass, pan, or gadget that doesn't spark joy. Whether throwing a fancy dinner party for your friends and family or whipping up a homemade Bolognese sauce for your spaghetti, each day requires an entirely different menagerie of small appliances. Besides how could you ever toss Grandma's favorite casserole dish or that third colander?

On the other hand, keeping your culinary space organized will make it easy to locate any lid, measuring cup, or ladle in a snap, which feels all the more urgent when you live in tight quarters. With so many products, and so little room to store 'em, you'll need to get crafty with your organization strategy.

Don't worry; we're here to help. Check out these 11 savvy small kitchen organization ideas, plus the best places to shop for dividers, shelves, and so much more.

Small Kitchen Organization Idea #1: Deck Your Doors

When you have a small kitchen, you have to take advantage of every square inch, nook, and cranny. Yes, that includes the back of your cabinet doors. Take a cue from Jess at The Golden Girl and attach some adhesive shelves to this overlooked space. As a bonus, you won't have to sift through the entire cabinet looking for an extra bottle of dish soap.

Small Kitchen Organization Idea #2: Double-Duty Decor

Need to call in some reinforcements? Invest in pieces that do double duty. The small kitchen island in Tim from Bay on a Budget's home offers an extra surface for meal prep, plus the strategically placed shelves also ensure all cooking essentials are fingertip ready and organized.

Small Kitchen Organization Idea #3: Divide and Conquer

From spatulas, to mixing spoons, to salad tongs, to everyday cutlery, it's no surprise that your silverware drawer is starting to look more like an overwhelming junk drawer. Before things get out of hand, follow the lead of Casey from The DIY Playbook and keep all of your forks, knives, and spoons in check with a double-decker drawer organizer.

Small Kitchen Organization Idea #4: Get a Raise

Your deep cabinets might be large enough to stow all of your nonperishables, but they're doing your small kitchen organization strategy no favors if you can't see your stock. Our advice? Add some risers to your cabinets á la Melissa from The Inspired Room to get a clear view of all your groceries. That way, you won't wind up spending unnecessary money or space on a superfluous can of tomato sauce.

Small Kitchen Organization Idea #5: Simple Swivel

This just in: lazy Susans are back. In addition to adding one or two to your pantry, add 'em to a corner cabinet, too. This hack makes the most of a teeny, tiny space — as proven by Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog — and offers easy access to your favorite cookware. Your handy frying pan is just one swivel away.

Small Kitchen Organization Idea #6: Off the Hook

Short on storage? Make the most of your blank walls by adding a few hooks so you can easily grab a spatula or cutting board midrecipe. And, if this kitchen belonging to Holly from Avenue Lifestyle is any indication, adding this type of wall storage can look ridiculously chic.

Small Kitchen Organization Idea #7: Love Thy Labels

Your refrigerator might feel like a small enough space to keep organized and tidy. However, when it's filled to the brim with produce, dairy products, and the occasional pickle jar, it can feel like the culinary wild, Wild West. We love how the ladies over at The Home Edit took their love of labels to the next level, even designating each crisper drawer for a certain food group. The result: an organized, efficient, and oh-so-cute fridge.

Small Kitchen Organization Idea #8: Purge the Packaging

Excess plastic bags and cardboard boxes aren't just bad for the environment; they're taking up a lot of space, too. Want to reduce the amount of waste you produce? Ditch the disposable packing and opt for a reusable storage container. Jess from The Golden Girl, for example, keeps all of her tea bags neatly organized in a clear box.

Small Kitchen Organization Idea #9: Get to Folding

Organizational guru Marie Kondo taught us the importance of a vertical fold; however, that tip doesn't have to be confined to your bedroom dresser. Brooke from Nesting With Grace put her own spin on this tried-and-true tip by folding her dish towels on a diagonal angle. That way you can see all of your towels and give your drawers unexpected and elevated flair.

Small Kitchen Organization Idea #10: Let's Roll

We've all been there ... you know the moment when you realize you have to empty out an entire cabinet just to find the lid to your favorite pot? Well, kiss those days goodbye and make your life a whole lot easier by installing roll-out shelves. Now you can keep your cabinets beautifully organized while saving yourself loads of time and frustration.

Small Kitchen Organization Idea #11: Have You Pegged

With a little help, deep drawers don't have to become a graveyard for your seemingly endless collection of food storage containers. Bring some order to the chaos with the help of a peg system like Emily Henderson used in her kitchen drawers.

Where to Buy Small Kitchen Organization Must-Haves

The Container Store: Where would we be without the Container Store? (Most likely in a very, very cluttered space.) The Container Store has been our one-stop organization shop for every room — and a small kitchen is no exception. Go ahead, have a scroll through its virtually endless array of shelves, dividers, and spice racks.

Joseph Joseph: Founded by twin brothers who wanted to make your time in the kitchen as efficient as possible, Joseph Joseph is packed with game-changing kitchen tools you didn't even know existed. We don't mean to play favorites, but Joseph Joseph's nesting products are a small space dweller's secret weapons.

YouCopia: While YouCopia's vast selection of racks and organizers certainly speak for themselves, we love the brand's philanthropic edge. YouCopia teamed up with The Greater Chicago Food Depository, a member of Feeding America, to donate the equivalent of a meal for every product purchased through its site.

DecoBros: Amazon is often referred to as "the Everything Store" — and for good reason. While the site has an abundance of small kitchen organization brands, DecoBros is a consistent crowd pleaser. Sure, it may not be a household name; however, its products have topped multiple "best kitchen organizer" lists. Plus, many of its products boast thousands of glowing reviews.

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