How the Color of Your Pan Affects Your Baked Goods

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You probably already know that the size and shape of a baking pan affect what you're baking in it, but did you know that the color of a pan can change your baked goods, too? According to a viral TikTok by @benjaminthebaker, darker pans conduct heat more quickly than lighter pans, which impacts your cakes and cookies.


Benjamin goes on in their video to explain exactly how the color of your pan will impact three common types of baked goods. But if you're pressed for time, TikTok user Nikki Watson (@nikanak89) has the TL;DR ready for you in the comments:

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"So, dark pans = more crunchy/crispy. Light pans = softer. Good to know," they write.

Now for the nitty gritty, per Benjamin's video.


For cookies, those baked on a dark tray will have crispier edges and darker bottoms than those baked on a light tray.

Cakes follow the same trend — anything baked in a darker tray will have darker bottoms and edges. "This means you end up with a shorter cake with a more rounded top and a thick crust," says Benjamin in the video.


When it comes to brownies, if you bake them in a dark pan, the edges will cook faster than the middle, resulting in crispy edges and gooey centers — which is just how some people like them. Opt for the lighter pan if you prefer gooey all the way through.


Now, it's off to the store to buy a set of darker pans for when we want crispy edges, and one set of lighter ones for when we want more even bakes. Regardless, there's some delicious dessert in your future.



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