These Handles Make Shopping a Little More Germ-Free

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During the coronavirus lockdown, many of us have only left our homes to shop for groceries in order to avoid contracting or further spreading the virus. All good, until you arrive at the supermarket and realize you need a shopping cart — and you've just used your last sanitizing wipe. If only there were a way to touch the cart without actually having to touch it.

Thankfully, there's an item that does just that: reusable shopping cart handles that allow you to shop without worry!

Made of dishwasher safe, food-grade HDPE plastic, these $20 handles fit easily in a handbag or shopping tote. They also include grooves made to hold grocery bags so your hands can remain on the handles the entire time you're out. When you finish, all you need to do is run them in the dishwasher or wash them with hot, soapy water.

With a renewed focus on germs in everyday life, we can see ourselves using these many times in the foreseeable future.

h/t Buzzfeed

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