10 Fairycore Bedroom Ideas That Are Pixie Perfect

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There's an enchanting new interior design trend sweeping social media. Emerging from a blend of predecessors cottagecore and goblincore, and mixed with a hearty dash of whimsy, please put your hands together for ... fairycore! Fairycore is a mystical, dreamlike, and ethereal indie aesthetic, and it's quickly become all the rage on TikTok — especially when it comes to fairycore bedroom decor.


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What is fairycore?

Fairycore is appropriately named, as it harnesses the magical, natural look and feel of fairies by way of dainty and delicate details that are mystical and eclectic. While cottagecore is rooted in historic prairie and countryside vibes, fairycore rejects realism and amps up escapism and the imaginary. There's also a quirkiness inherent to fairycore, since mushroom motifs, playful pastel colors, and maximalist tchotchkes abound.


For those eager to make their own bedroom (or dorm room!) into a fairycore-infused sanctuary, we've done the heavy-lifting for you and rounded up a list of all of the elements you'll need to bring your fairy fantasy to life. After following this guide, your fairycore bedroom will feel as if you're stepping into the pages of a fairy tale.

1. Decorate with fake ivy and vine garlands.

A quick perusal of the fairycore aesthetic on TikTok immediately reveals that fake ivy and vine garlands are one of the key ingredients to executing the trend. Draped along windowpanes, dripping from ceilings, and outlining closets are just a few of the ways people incorporate these vines into their bedrooms. TikTok user @marsstrosity demonstrates how they use ivy vines in almost every corner of their bedroom, weaving one strand within the slats of their rattan chair, using another to embellish their mirror, and sprinkling others throughout the rest of the space.


Intertwining these vines with fairy lights adds a sparkly flair, while other decorators include fake flowers in the garlands for soft pops of color. TikTok user @k14nn4 adds flowers to their garlands to create a magnificent vine canopy for the ceiling above their bed.

2. Incorporate soft lighting.

Fairycore is incredibly atmospheric, so the lighting in your bedroom is crucial to setting the tone. Antique and thrifted lamps and light fixtures with kitschy lampshades, as seen in @chloerosetheartist's bedroom, are common, as are salt lamps and soft-light lamps like the Tokabo one from IKEA featured in @growingjuju's TikTok. Setting up candles and decorating with strings of tea lights and fairy lights (it's even in the name!) is another great way to achieve that magical, cozy glow in your bedroom.


3. Hang gauzy draperies.

Whether used as curtains or bed canopies, delicately draped white gauzy fabric is a fairycore must. There's a romantic and cloud-like airiness to this material that will usher a sweet softness into your space. It's light, bright, and dainty, harkening to the bedrooms and dresses of princesses. Plus, light can shine softly through gauze, heightening the dreamlike aura of the fairycore aesthetic.


4. Don't shy away from florals.

Nature is another central element of fairycore, so incorporating an abundance of florals in various forms throughout your bedroom is key. Flower-patterned bedding like @marsstrosity's duvet as well as floral throw pillows and curtains is one option. Displaying dried florals in old jars or vases on your nightstand, desk, or on windowsills is another. You can also create garlands from dried-out flowers and hang them from your ceiling, as @floralfay shows us.


5. Don't forget potted plants.

Another way to channel nature into your fairycore bedroom decor is through potted plants. Having a green thumb will suit you well in unlocking maximum levels of fairycore vibes. Succulents and leafy pothos are great options, but make sure you have the right lighting environment and remember to water them as needed so that they'll thrive. Having sad, withering plants throughout your bedroom is decidedly ​not​ part of the fairycore trend. Placing these plants on tables and desks works just fine, but hanging plants are optimal, especially in macrame plant hangers like the one in @alltheferalfawns's dreamy bedroom.


6. Display mushroom room decor.

There's no better way to achieve the earthy whimsy of fairycore than with mushroom decor. TikTok user @growingjuju shares some of the mushroom moments in their fairycore paradise, including a display they made themselves and other felted mushrooms they purchased. The adorable look and psychedelic connotations of mushrooms aligns them perfectly with the distinct mood of fairycore.


7. Lean into eclectic maximalism.

Fairycore is not for the minimalist of heart. The trend is all about "the more, the merrier" when it comes to decor, and TikTok user @lilgunky shows us how it's done in their maximalist bedroom that's jam-packed with unique and eclectic finds. Look to gallery walls, tapestries, mobiles, mixing and matching patterns, and much more when decorating. This will help create a homey warmth that's inherent to the fairycore aura.


8. Hang a chair swing.

There's a serenity to fairycore that can be achieved in part through the addition of a hanging chair swing in your room. TikTok users @marsstrosity and @tinyartbean both have great examples of chair swings in their idyllic dens, which not only help set the fairycore vibe but also provide peaceful spots to curl up with a book or rest your wings.


9. Display crystals and stones.

Displaying crystals and stones in your bedroom is a clear way to tap into the ethereal and magical essence of fairycore. While subtle, a strategically placed crystal or batch of polished stones can create a special moment of down-to-earth calm in your space.

10. Use earthy tones and natural wood furnishings.

Wicker, rattan, bamboo, and other natural wood furniture is used predominantly in fairycore, due to the strong influence of nature on the fairycore aesthetic. Think tree houses, fairy gardens, and hobbit holes. The prevailing color palette in fairycore is in keeping with these natural inclinations, as it includes a variety of green colors mixed with whites, creams, and soft pastels.


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