The Best Ornaments for a Very Vintage Christmas

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There's no better way to spice up your ornament game than with some vintage bulbs. Whether you're seeking a full holiday decor revamp or just a little addition to your current collection, adorning your tree with these beauties will instantly bring that warm holiday spirit into your home. Add a little piece of history to your tree with these one-of-a-kind, vibrant, classic gems.


1. Granny's Box Silver Flower Ornaments (set of 6), $43.68

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

It's all in the details. Colorful flowers embellish these sweet silver bulbs.

2. Granny's Box Vintage Indent Christmas Ornaments (set of 6), $67.94

These traditional indented ornaments are just about the happiest little accessories ever.


3. Old Box Hand-Painted House Ornaments, $5-$14

Bring these mini houses back home for the holidays.


4. Granny's Box Bohemian Lantern Ornaments (set of 6), $43.68

These lantern-shaped ornaments simply ooze the spirit of Christmas.



5. Granny's Box Pale Pink Glass Ornaments (set of 6), $30.53

Go for monochromatic vibes with this collection of on-trend pale pink cuties.


6. Granny's Box Rustic Midcentury Ornaments (set of 6), $33.57

Pinecones and more in pretty pastel shades.


7. Granny's Box Silver Ornaments (set of 6), $48.52

Keep it classic with an all-silver moment.


8. Granny's Golden Shadows Ornaments (set of 6), $43.68

Or, go for the gold.



9. Granny's Box Golden and Silver Glass Bubbles (set of 6), $30.53

Or maybe silver ​and​ gold?


10. Granny's Box Rustic Strawberry Ornaments (set of 6), $36.93

Well, these are berry cute.

11. Old Box Vintage Bell Ornaments, $5-$9

"Alexa, play Jingle Bells."

12. Granny's Box 1950s Fruit Ornaments (set of 6), $43.68

Your kids sure won't complain about these fun fruits and veggies.


13. Granny's Box Assorted Pastel Glass Balls (set of 3), $21.86

Look at all those hand-painted details on these delicate baubles.

14. Old Box Vintage Mushroom Christmas Tree Ornaments, $5-$15

Go back in time with decorative mushrooms from the '70s.

15. Old Box Vintage Glass Dog Ornaments, $4-$15

A stylish treat for your favorite dog lover.

16. Old Box Vase Ornaments, $4-$12

Here are some pretty assorted vases from the '50s.


17. Old Box Vintage Maiden Ornaments, $5-$20

Infuse a little whimsy into your setup with all the different characters from Russian folk tales.

18. Old Box Indent Glass Ornaments, $7-$13

For those who love the traditional indented style in extra-bold colors.

19. Old Box Indent Glass Ornaments, $6-$12

Or maybe you're digging a slightly more muted tone?

20. Terem Shop Mystery Box of Vintage Christmas Ornaments (set of 2), $6

Saved the best for last! This seller will send you two surprise ornaments from her beautiful vintage collection. How fun is that?



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