What Are the Different Types of Fireplaces?

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Fireplaces are steadily becoming a must-have item for millennial home buyers. Whether your home already has a fireplace or you're looking to have one built into your space, it's important to know that there are different types out there. Although the whole mechanism seems like one easy contraption, it's essential to know what kind you have or want before you jump to build or operate a fireplace.


Wood-Burning Fireplace

There are four types of fireplaces: Wood-burning, gas-burning, electric and ethanol-burning fireplace. Wood-burning fireplaces are the traditional Laura Ingalls/old western style units. If you dreamed of having a crackling fire type of fireplace, this is the one for you. Wood-burning fireplaces have an open hearth style, and the burning wood is a great heat source. If you want a wood-burning fireplace, there are enclosed fireplaces, a fireplace insert or a wood-burning stove.


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Gas-Burning Fireplace

If you want a cleaner, more traditional look, you definitely want a gas-burning fireplace, because wood-burning fireplaces may look beautiful, but there's a lot of cleanup involved. Moreover, gas burning fireplaces are easier to install. If you want a gas-burning fireplace, then you can either have one that is a direct vent built-in or a ventless built-in. The latter fireplace does not require the installation of a vent or chimney.


Electric Fireplaces

These type of fireplaces are also super easy to install. They're cost-effective to build and provide the perfect amount of heat to the room. An electric fireplace is available in various models, but popular designs include electric mantel fireplaces, electric fireplace TV stands and entertainment centers.


Ethanol-Burning Fireplaces

These type of fireplaces are often not that popular if you're looking to generate a lot of heat. If you want a better heat-generating fireplace, you will prefer a gas- or wood- burning fireplace. People do like ethanol fireplaces, though, because they are easy to install, they burn ethanol and they're available in many styles. You can get a wall-mounted or tabletop unit. You can even purchase a fireplace conversion kit that allows you to convert a wood- or gas-burning fireplace to ethanol.


Know What You Want

Overall, it's easy to add a fireplace in your home, but you need to make sure that it fits your needs. Before you start this project, think about what type of look or purpose you would like to achieve with your fireplace. If you want something that heats up the area, then go with a wood or gas stove. But if you don't want to keep wood on hand, then you need a gas stove. Figure out where you want to place your fireplace and what it will add to the room. Once you do that, it will be relatively easy to pick one option.




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