Turn Three Under $10 IKEA Products Into Giant Christmas Ornaments

IKEA holiday hack giant ornaments
credit: Trisha Sprouse

Deck your halls with this IKEA holiday hack that turns three lamp pendants into oversized ornaments. Glossy spray paint adds some glitz while gold leaf turns up the glam. We opted for classic black and gold with a pop of deep moody green for an of-the-moment twist, and then we strung them up with black velvet ribbon for an ultra-luxe look. Hang them over a table, in a window, lit or unlit — they'll add a festive sparkle to any space.

Things You'll Need

IKEA holiday hack oversized ornaments
credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 1

Assemble the IKEA lamp shades according to the package's instructions.

credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 2

Lay down a tarp or long piece of paper and spray paint the lamp shades in your desired color palette (we used black, gold, and green). Be sure to paint in a well-ventilated area. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.

Spray painting IKEA lamp shades
credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 3

Once dry, paint a thin, light coat of metallic leaf adhesive onto the lamp shade in the areas where you'd like to add gold leaf. It's best to work in small sections at a time.

Brushing metallic leaf adhesive onto lamp shade
credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 4

Let the metal leaf adhesive dry for a few minutes until it gets slightly tacky, and then use tweezers to carefully place flakes of gold leaf onto the adhesive.

Placing gold leaf flakes onto adhesive with tweezers
credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 5

Allow the adhesive to dry completely, and then use a clean, dry paintbrush to brush off any excess gold leaf flakes. (Save the excess flakes to use for another project.)

Brushing off excess gold leaf flakes
credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 6

Cut out four 3-inch-by-12-inch strips of gold cardstock, and then use a scalloped edge template to create a scalloped edge along one side of each strip.

Gold cardstock cut into long strips with scalloped edge
credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 7

Hot glue the ends of the strip together to form a ring that will act as the top of the ornament. Then hot glue a piece of gold wire ribbon inside to create a loop for hanging the ornament.

Note: The opening on the REGOLIT lamp shade is wider than the other two lamp shades, so you'll need to tape two strips together to form one long strip, and then trim it to size to form the top of the ornament.

Strip taped together to form top hook of ornament
credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 8

Hot glue the tip of each scallop to the top of the ornament for a secure connection.

Top hook of ornament glued to top of ornament
credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 9

Cut varying lengths of black velvet ribbon, tie them to the loops on the ornaments, and then hang the ornaments with ceiling hooks.

IKEA hack giant Christmas ornaments
credit: Trisha Sprouse

We love how a simple hack can make such a dramatic statement for the holiday season.

IKEA hack oversized Christmas ornaments hanging over table
credit: Trisha Sprouse

Trisha Sprouse

Trisha Sprouse

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