IKEA's 2020 Holiday Collection Is Great for Small Spaces

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Holiday decor season is great and all, but some of us don't have a ton of space to work with. Don't despair, IKEA has a few suggestions.


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The company's 2020 holiday items are here and we're getting lots of inspo for making the most out of a smaller setting. Scroll on to see a few tree alternatives, along with ornament and candle inspo. 'Tis the season to get creative.

1. Wall Decoration, $3.99

2. Scented Candle, $2.99

3. Ornament, Red, (pack of 20), $12.99

4. Wall Decoration, $19.99

5. Ornament, Blue/Silver (pack of 20), $12.99

6. Wall Decoration, $14.99


7. Block Candle Holder, $2.99

8. Christmas Tree, Bamboo, $49.99


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