Use an IKEA Pendant Lamp Shade to Design a Modern Holiday Scene

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a holiday scene made from a glass lamp globe and bottle-brush trees

It's no secret we love a good IKEA hack around here, especially a simple one that transforms a basic IKEA lamp shade into a winter wonderland of shimmering mixed metallics. Playing off the smoky tones of the glass pendant, and with visions of a gilded forest dancing in our heads, we created a modern holiday scene that can shine as a centerpiece or add festive elegance to a shelf or mantel. Either way, it's a cinch to make, and your winter abode will have a lot more sparkle in it this season.


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Things You'll Need

a holiday scene made from a glass lamp globe and bottle-brush trees

Step 1

Set the pendant inside a large bowl so that the larger opening of the lamp shade is at the top. The bowl will act as a sturdy base and will also catch any stray glitter.

placing a glass lamp globe inside a copper bowl

Step 2

Place a paper plate inside the pendant to create a flat ledge inside. We used a gold-colored paper plate so that it would blend in more seamlessly with our metallic theme. However, if you don't have a gold one handy, you could simply paint a regular paper plate.

placing a gold-colored paper plate to create a floor on the bottom of a glass lamp globe
a glass lamp globe inside a copper bowl with a gold-colored paper plate at the bottom

Step 3

Paint a group of plain bottle brush trees using a variety of metallic paint colors (or simply buy metallic-colored trees). We purchased a set of trees, and painted some of them copper. You can either paint them with a paintbrush and metallic craft paint, or you can spray paint them with metallic spray paint. If using a paintbrush, be sure to work the paint in between the bristles for fuller coverage.

If you don't already have a metallic deer figurine, go ahead and paint that a metallic color as well.


a paint brush, a deer figurine, and trees made from bottle brushes

We also painted the bases of the trees gold so they'd blend in better with the gold paper plate.

whimsically painted trees made from bottle brushes

Step 4

Place double-sided tape or glue dots on the bottoms of the bottle brush trees and deer figurine.

a deer figurine, tape, and trees made from bottle brushes

Once you've settled on a desired arrangement, adhere the trees and figurine to the paper plate.

placing bottle-brush trees in the holiday terrarium scene

Step 5

Use a spoon to fill the bottom with glitter. You want to use enough glitter to cover the paper plate and also create the illusion of glistening mounds of snow.

a crafter uses a gold spoon to add glitter to a holiday scene in a glass terrarium

Step 6

Use a clean paintbrush to brush glitter off the sides of the bowl to create a cleaner edge.


a crafter uses a paint brush to tidy up glitter inside a glass terrarium

Now your modern metallic holiday scene is set to shimmer and sparkle all winter long.

a holiday scene made from a glass lamp globe and bottle-brush trees
a holiday scene made from a glass lamp globe and bottle-brush trees


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