Create an Easy Holiday Centerpiece With Our DIY Paper Trees

This DIY Paper Christmas Tree Centerpiece is perfect for holiday entertaining.
credit: Carrie Waller

We at Hunker love an eye-catching tablescape, especially for a festive Christmas dinner. However, we get it — not everyone has the time or budget to go all out during the holiday season. This year, why not shoot for stress-free decor and spend just 20 minutes crafting your own version of our DIY paper trees? These simple 3D decorations are so easy to make and are a charming way to wow guests when they come to your table. (Free printable included!)

A handmade holiday centerpiece that you can use year after year.
credit: Carrie Waller

Things You Need

  • Printable Paper Trees Template
  • Thick cardstock paper
  • Scrapbook paper (double-sided is best for this project)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Finish tape, clear matte or satin
Here's what you'll need to make your DIY Paper Christmas Tree Centerpiece.
credit: Carrie Waller

Step 1

Download our free Printable Paper Trees Template, and print it onto thick cardstock paper. Cut out the tree templates along the lines, including up the center line of the larger triangle shape.

Print and cut out the tree templates.
credit: Carrie Waller

Step 2

Lay the templates down on patterned scrapbook paper, and then use a pencil to lightly trace along the template edges. Note that it's best to use scrapbook paper that already features a pre-printed double-sided pattern. Repeat for however many trees you'd like to create.

Trace the templates onto scrapbook paper.
credit: Carrie Waller

Step 3

Cut out all of the traced shapes using scissors. You'll see that the double-sided scrapbook paper we used for this DIY features two unique patterns on each side, creating a fun contrast.

Cut out the traced tree shapes.
credit: Carrie Waller

Step 4

Slip the two paper shapes together in a nested formation so that the tree tips align down the middle. Press small, discreet pieces of clear matte finish tape on the bottom of the shapes where the halves meet in order to hold them together. Flip over and repeat with more tape.

Slip the two paper shapes together and tape.
credit: Carrie Waller

Step 5

Unfold the paper trees to create a three-dimensional cross section — this will help the tree stand up — and add more tape to finish connecting the two paper halves together.

Unfold the papers to create a cross section that you can use to set the tree upright on your tabletop.
credit: Carrie Waller

Step 6

For a lovely centerpiece idea, place them on faux evergreen branches in the middle of your table, styled with other holiday decor that matches the color palette of your paper trees.

To store, simply fold the trees flat and keep them in a sturdy envelope until next year.

Place the paper Christmas trees on faux evergreen branches to create a centerpiece.
credit: Carrie Waller
Style the rest of the table with other holiday décor that matches your trees' color palette.
credit: Carrie Waller
To store, fold the trees flat and keep them in a sturdy envelope until next Christmas.
credit: Carrie Waller

Carrie Waller

Carrie Waller

Carrie Waller is the writer, stylist and photographer behind the lifestyle and crafting blog, Dream Green DIY, which was founded in March 2011. Her work has been featured by Domino, Better Homes and Gardens, Design*Sponge, HGTV Magazine, Country Living, Rue Daily, Glitter Guide, and Apartment Therapy. Carrie lives in Waynesboro, Virginia, with her husband and their four pets.