This Easy Ribbon Trick Makes Plain Wrapping Paper Look Less Sad

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There's something special about wrapping up a holiday gift. However, if you're not particularly skilled at the task, you might be looking for ways to make it look good. The same goes if you're using plain paper that needs some sprucing up.


Fortunately, courtesy of Den Garden, we came across an easy trick by @makelifesimpler_ on TikTok. It involves making a beautiful tree-shaped embellishment with nothing more than double-sided tape and ribbon.


To make it, wrap a gift as you normally would. Add a vertical strip of double-sided tape in the center. Next, cut a long strand of ribbon and stick one end to the top. Fold the ribbon back and forth, moving in a diagonal motion, sticking the ribbon along the tape. This will create a beautiful yet simple wavy Christmas tree shape.

Fellow TikTokers loved the idea, offering suggestions for "decorating" the tree. For example, you can stick on a paper star to the top or add dots of paint as "baubles."

If you're unsure where to buy double-sided tape, check out the scrapbook section of the craft store or the stationery section of major retailers, such as Target. They're available in a variety of widths, making it easy to apply this technique on gifts of various sizes.


Now, it's worth mentioning you don't need to buy new materials to create this charming gift decoration. You can use brown packing paper, newspaper, or reused wrapping paper. Even if it's a bit wrinkled, don't worry ... it will still look great!

From there, try creating the ribbon tree with strips of fabric. You could even use this technique with a strip of paper, which is an excellent way to use up scraps.


Other gift wrapping hacks:

Did you know you can wrap gifts with a built-in card holder? This is a great way to omit the need for envelopes and cards. The slot could also be used to add a paper snowman or animal shape, something kids will adore.



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