You Really Can’t Top These Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

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Like the just-right bow on a gift, a Christmas tree topper can really set the tone for your entire evergreen. And there's only one, so it's important to choose wisely and take the time to really think about what topper works best for your decor style. As with so many things when it comes to holiday decor, you have to decide between traditional and what feels fresh and of-the-moment. These eight Christmas tree topper ideas will take you from classic to modern and back again.


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1. Go for a jeweled snowflake.

Here, Love Grows Wild rocks a sparkling jeweled snowflake Christmas tree topper. And it perfectly unifies the mix of cozy knit garland, pearl strands, and homemade clay ornaments. The best part? The bedazzled snowflake will work beautifully with myriad styles, so it's quite the gem (pun intended).

2. Don't forget about the gold star.

A simple brass star — like this one on the Bless'er House Christmas tree — is a classic, especially for anyone who likes silver and gold holiday decor. For one, the accessory will work with nearly every aesthetic. And it's low-key enough to let the other important festive elements, such as DIY ornaments, shine.

3. Tap into some Christmas magic.

Christmas tree topper ideas can incorporate elements of whimsy. Just take this delicate holiday fairy that's handmade by Sam Dearden — a Brit living in Belgium. (She sells on Etsy, btw!) This one accent can transform an otherwise predictable tree into something magical and work just as well with a rustic Christmas tree as it does with a Scandinavian one.


4. Indulge your quirks.

Holiday decor can sometimes feel ​too​ traditional, ​too​ staid. (All that red and green! So much Santa!) But you can still honor tradition while expressing yourself by going with an unconventional Christmas tree topper. Just check out Singletrack Safari Holidays, a mountain-biking company in Andorra that has a rad, handmade mountain bike topper. And really, the sky's the limit. Into H. P. Lovecraft ? Elvis? King Kong? Or holidazed Barbie? There are so many options for a unique look.

5. Let nostalgia guide you.

Oftentimes, when it comes to Christmas tree decorations, the most powerful touch is rooted in memory. This beautiful floral stem was made by the homeowner's 99-year-old Oma. And even though it wasn't meant to be a tree topper, it suited the fir perfectly for more than just aesthetic reasons. "In a year full of so much loss and difficulty, we circled back to family and love and cherished heirlooms," @biojoule shares. Regardless of whether your overall holiday style is farmhouse, coastal, or modern, a bit of nostalgia will always fit right in.

6. Go bare.

Here, Emily Henderson lets the evergreen speak for itself. When you have a live Christmas tree — and, in particular, one with a unique shape — you don't have to do much to make an impact. This rustic option already has charm to spare. Going star-less doesn't detract one bit.


7. Add a gnome.

For a touch of whimsy, top your tree with a felt gnome. Love to craft? Try making a gnome tree topper with fabric that matches your existing decor. Personally, we're loving this easy DIY gnome topper project by Hallmark Channel. The topper is technically meant for a wine bottle, but it works just as well on trees, too.

8. Decorate with a hat.

Take a styling tip from Frosty the Snowman (or snowmen in general) and top your tree with a black top hat. You can instantly give the hat a holiday touch by wrapping it with red ribbon. Alternatively, a classic Santa hat works just as well. Both Christmas tree topper options are easy, charming, and fun.


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