10 Printables That Will Save You Some Cash This Holiday Season

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The holidays inevitably involve spending money. So how about something for free? The following printables — from holiday cards to wall art — look so nice that nobody will suspect that you didn't spend a pretty penny.


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Fire up your printer and check out the following:

1. Minimalist Gift Tags by The Beautydojo

Print these on some sturdy paper and nobody will ever know you didn't run out to the store.


2. Holiday Printable by Jamie Bartlett

How sweet would this look framed, among the other decor on top of your fireplace mantel?


3. Christmas Wrap by The Lovely Drawer

Printable wrapping paper? Sounds odd, but if your gift is small and you don't have the time to go out and buy any, it's actually quite genius.


4. Minimalist Christmas Cards by The Beautydojo

All you need is some sturdy paper and the ability to cut straight.


5. Modern Christmas Card by Tinsel + Trim

The same goes for these!


6. Advent Calendar by Lovely Indeed

Ok, so obviously this advent calendar isn't entirely printable, but the calendar cards and envelopes are! Each card has an act of kindness on it, which you should challenge yourself to commit on its day. Learn how to DIY the mistletoe-d calendar itself here.


7. Advent Calendar by Delia Creates

Here's another advent calendar option. You can write whatever you want underneath each geometric shape of the tree ... think service ideas, bucket list items, etc. to do on that day.


8. Holiday Card by Paper & Stitch

Here's how these postcards work: Of course you can print them out on your own paper, or you can purchase Avery's Matte White Blank Postcards ($21.57 for a pack of 200) to print them on.

9. Christmas Bucket List by Little Gold Pixel

Every year, in the blink of an eye the holidays are over. Keeping a bucket list is a great reminder to work holiday activities into your busy schedule.

10. Modern Minimal Christmas Print by Houseologie

This "ho ho ho" print looks awesome behind your tree, and nobody will ever know how affordable the temporary decor piece was.