13 Free Printables That Will Help You Save Money on Artwork

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In a perfect world we would all support our favorite artists by buying original versions of their work. (Etsy makes it sooo easy nowadays, right?) But, unfortunately, our budgets don't always allow us to be as generous as we would like to be. Luckily there are a lot of independent artists who are kind enough to provide free printables to their fans, which can be downloaded directly from their websites. They appreciate the fact that not everybody is in the financial position to invest in artwork. So for now, you can show off your love for that artist through printables displayed proudly throughout your home. And taking to social media to praise them is a great way to show support, too.


Here are 13 of our favorite free printables, featuring cute animals, floral prints, words of inspo, and everything in between.

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1. Minimalist Military Alphabet Printable by Primer Magazine

If florals and landscapes aren't exactly your cup of tea, you might opt for something that's a bit more minimalist, like this military alphabet printable. It'll be right at home in a space that's quietly distinctive.

2. Watercolor Houseplant Wall Art by The Okie Home

We're guessing that you have plenty of green plants nestled around your abode. Continue to show off the fact that you're one dedicated plant lover with this charming watercolor print, bursting with greenery.


3. Vintage Camera Patent Art Print by Live Laugh Rowe

Wall art should speak to you ... it should move and inspire you much like the things you are passionate about. So if photography is your jam, then this vintage camera patent print is an ideal option for you.



4. Black Swiss Cross Print by Cassie Scroggins

Swiss crosses like this minimalist black print seem to be all the rage these days. And although it will pair nicely with just about any decor style, we especially love it in Scandinavian-inspired spaces.


5. Wonderful Print by Houseologie

Leigh Anne from Houseologie has provided this minimal, yet enchanting print on her website, and although it's presented as a piece of holiday decor, we think it works year-round.


6. Tranquil Porthole Wall Art (set of four) by The Okie Home

Misty skies, still waters, and vibrant foliage — it doesn't get much more tranquil than that. And these porthole-style printables capture that feeling perfectly.



7. Black and White Typography Art Print by Squirrelly Minds

Modern black and white graphics and a motivational mantra? Sold!


8. Spring Herb Printables (set of six) by Cherished Bliss

This set of six herbal prints would be an ideal addition in a dining room or kitchen. Download one, two, or hang them all: lavender, rosemary, thyme, basil, mint, and dill.


9. Watercolor Ocean Moon Wave Water Starry Night Sky by We Lived Happily Ever After

Hannah Hathaway paints tons of free watercolor prints that she offers on her blog, and we particularly love this one that portrays the night sky, complete with a glowing moon and dots of shining stars.



10. Banana Leaves Botanical Printable by Paper & Stitch

Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper & Stitch put together a party that included artwork she DIYed using real banana leaves and cacti. Lucky for us, she's made them available on her website. Download and frame for a tropical feel that's not too over the top.

11. Origami Line Art Printable by Little Gold Pixel

Origami can be fairly complex, and this art print, created by Vanessa of Little Gold Pixel, shows how intricate it can really be. It'll be the perfect finishing touch in any ultra-modern space.

12. Botanical Print by Cocorrina

Not enough time to press your own flowers? You can achieve a similar look with this chic black and white watercolor botanical art print.

13. Blue Agate Wall Art by Fox and Hazel

If you have crystals in pretty much every room of the house, or maybe you're just a big fan of geodes, then this vibrant blue agate print is basically a dream come true.



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