Our Favorite Minimalist Goods (Because Life Is Already Too Complicated)

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Sometimes the simplest designs are the most functional. And there's a certain comfort in objects whose forms are stripped down to the bare minimum. (After all, life is already complicated.) Here, a selection of minimalist goods that make the case for understatement.

pencil cup

Oak Pencil Cup, $80 | Boyce Studio

Round hole in a square peg: Boyce Studio's desktop pencil holder is made of solid oak.



Smart Charger, $29.99 | Native Union

This super-slim charger is also super-fast.

Belt Charger, $24.99 | Native Union


Marta Drinking Glasses, $13.95 | CB2

Affordable and adaptable, these glasses are a standard in our kitchen.


Libbey Glass Hydration Decanter, $18 | Amazon

For water at your bedside table or decanting wine for guests.

glass containers

Simple Storage Container ( Small or Medium ), $42-$48 | Hawkins

Finally get on that goal to organize your kitchen pantry. Start with Hawkins' glass containers.


Pinch Bowls, $26 Each | Humble Ceramics

Humble describes itself as "artisan pottery made with mindfulness in South Los Angeles." Each piece is handmade and a reminder to embrace imperfections.

Bud Vase, $38 | Humble Ceramics

Hasami Plate, $36 | Jinen

It's easy to see why Hasami has such a cult following: The line of porcelain goods follows in centuries-old traditions of Japanese pottery.

incense burner and candle

Stoneware Burner, $18 | Incausa

Wood-fired in small batches, these ceramic burners also feature a unique, in-house glaze.

hay bottle opener

Bottle Opener, $14 | Hay

Danish design company Hay takes a streamlined approach on ordinary objects. With a triangle handle, this bottle opener makes clever use of contrasting shapes.

Dishware with spices

Wooden Spoon, $9.50 | Muji

You could argue that Muji was the first to really bring minimalism to the masses. This wood spoon is just one example of the company's obsessive attention to simplicity.

Hasami Mug, $24 | Tortoise General Store

Hasami Plate, $36 | Tortoise General Store

Hasami Creamer, $24 | Jinen

Hasami Sugar Pot, $16 | Jinen

Also shown: Pinch Bowls from Humble Ceramics and Simple Storage Container Medium from Hawkins (details above)

Photography: Rickett and Sones

Art Direction: Paul Anderson & Brooke Wolin

Words: Leonora Epstein