How to Get a Cinnamon Smell in the House With Cinnamon Powder

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Cinnamon powder is a healthy way to infuse the air in your home with natural aromas. Bypass air fresheners laden with chemicals and instead use this ancient, high-spirited spice in sachets, potpourris, candle warmers and baked foods. Choosing cinnamon powder instead of sticks allows you to sprinkle it in small amounts for subtle hints of earthy, fiery fragrance.

Fire Up the Fragrance

One of the quickest ways to infuse air with the aroma of cinnamon is to sprinkle a small amount of powdered cinnamon into uncovered boiling water on the stove top and reduce the heat to a simmer. For a longer-lasting effect, use a slow cooker. Spice up the aroma by adding cloves, nutmeg, citrus peels and anise. Another way to spread the smell of cinnamon using heat is to dust the top of a candle with powdered cinnamon, or add a dash of it to the wax in a candle warmer. Bake with cinnamon to naturally permeate the kitchen with its snappy scent, sending it spilling into nooks and crannies throughout your home. Place cinnamon in a ceramic pot near fireplaces, radiators or clothes dryers.

Subtle Hints

Cinnamon doesn't need heat to activate the aroma. Add it in powdered form to sachets, hanging them in strategic positions near breezy open windows or dangling them above doorways in playrooms or office areas. Scatter some cinnamon powder over the dirt in house plants or on naturally scented decorative items such as pinecones and needles. Cinnamon also works as an ant deterrent without the use of harmful chemicals -- and it leaves a nice scent in the air.

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