How to Get a Cinnamon Smell in the House With Cinnamon Powder

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You can use an air freshener to make a cinnamon smell.
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There's no denying that a cinnamon scent is one of the coziest and most comforting out there. It smells like fresh homemade baking and has an intrinsically autumnal vibe. Whether you're in the middle of baking a pie or not, it's certainly pleasant to have the cinnamon smell in your home. On top of this, Tasting Table points out that a cinnamon scent is a perfect cover-up for any unpleasant cooking aromas. And luckily, there is a multitude of quick and easy ways to get a cinnamon smell in the house using cinnamon powder, so your home can always have that delicious aroma.


Making a Cinnamon Air Freshener

Cinnamon is already a popular scent for store-bought air fresheners. But if you'd rather get a more natural cinnamon scent for the home, you can create a natural fragrance using cinnamon powder. Bustle recommends creating a cinnamon smell by boiling a few tablespoons of the powder with some orange slices and allowing the fragrance to fill the home.


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If you want a longer-lasting cinnamon air freshener, you can boil cinnamon and vanilla pods together to infuse water with the fragrance. After leaving it to cool, you can pour into a glass bottle or jar and half submerge a handful of bamboo sticks. This creates a natural cinnamon reed diffuser that'll give off the beautiful scent for several weeks. You can also pour this mixture into a spray bottle to create a delicious cinnamon room spray to use as and when you need to.


Making Cinnamon Deodorizers

Another great way to get a cinnamon scent in your home is by using the powder to create little deodorizers and placing them around the room. According to Networx, you can simply place little bowls of cinnamon powder out of sight to help add the smell to any room.


Martha Stewart takes this a step further. She recommends creating fragrance sachets to make a home smell like fall time. Simply sew a small square sachet out of cotton or another natural material and fill it with a fragrance of your choice, including cinnamon powder. These can be placed on shelves or even in clothing drawers to infuse items with the cozy cinnamon scent.

Create Cinnamon Smell With Candles

Cinnamon scented candles are another hugely popular way to fill your home with the scent. You can purchase one ready-made, but you can also use cinnamon powder to create that signature scented candle smell.


You can create a cinnamon-scented candle using candle wax, a wick, a jar and some cinnamon powder. Simply melt the wax, add a teaspoon of cinnamon and pour it into a jar with a wick to set. Once you burn it, the cinnamon scent will be released and will fill the room.

For a quicker fix, though, you can use a large non-scented jar candle. Sprinkle a small amount of cinnamon powder around the edges of the jar and light the wick. As the candle heats up, the powder will start to release that delightful cinnamon smell.



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