Just 8 Farmhouse Front Door Ideas That Make the Case for Country Living

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Farmhouse style has those classic benchmarks we all know and love. The flea market-inspired signs. The white, chippy furniture. And of course, shiplap, shiplap, and more shiplap. Those elements are lovely for interiors, but have you considered bringing farmhouse style to the exterior of your home, too? Specifically, have you thought about greeting your guests with a farmhouse front door?


To capture the beauty of farmhouse front door ideas, you can certainly install an exterior door that showcases country charm and rustic accents. Think dark, well-loved woods, bits of wrought iron, barn door styling, and signature hues like white, black, and blue. You can also bring the look to an existing door by freshening it up with a coat of paint and incorporating visual interest with decor, like wreaths, vintage treasures, and layered doormats.

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Here are eight ideas to help you pull off the look, creating an exterior that even Joanna Gaines would love.

1. Greenery is always in style.

If you'd like to make your classic front door fit even more within the farmhouse aesthetic, there's definitely one requirement: greenery. Typically, you'll see plants nestled throughout the interiors of country-inspired homes. But that doesn't mean that you can't bring the same idea to your front door. Follow the lead of Shea from Studio McGee and position a few topiaries on either side of your entry, and complete the look with a boxwood wreath.


2. Complement with classic lighting.

A white door is something that instantly communicates farmhouse style, like this symmetrical setup by Bria of Bria Hammel Interiors. But the part that really levels up this entrance is the accompanying lantern that illuminates the porch. Old-school fixtures are key when it comes to farmhouse front door ideas.


3. Punch it up with blue.

Although black and white tend to be signature hues of the aesthetic, there's one color that continues to make an appearance in country homes, and that's blue. The cool shade is currently on-trend, and also happens to look flawless on farmhouse front doors. The team at Waterleaf Interiors chose the ideal whispery shade for this picture-perfect threshold.



4. Decorate with charming details.

Apart from the little details that make your front door look positively charming — a coat of black paint, stained glass — you can complete the farmhouse visuals by adding a few additional pieces of decor. We recommend an old-fashioned, wall-mounted mailbox and garden-inspired accents, which is what Sarah of She Holds Dearly paired with her front door.


5. Give glass a try.

Another way to bring added visual interest to your farmhouse front door? Glass. Take this symmetrical scene by Jean Stoffer Design: the double glass doors echo the look of the windows with black trim for a cohesive display that's full of contrast. Complete the classic arrangement with hanging lanterns and a couple of potted plants.


6. Go Dutch.

Who says that your flea market finds can only go indoors? We think they're the perfect accompaniment to your farmhouse front door, as proven on this porch styled by Shannon of Fox Hollow Cottage. The Dutch door has been gussied up with an old chalkboard, wooden bench, and rustic planters that could easily be scored at a thrift shop or even a neighborhood garage sale.



7. Paint it black.

To give your farmhouse front door a modern twist, ponder painting it black. It's a great way to dress up your home's exterior, making your porch look very au courant. We love the look paired with warm wood accents like this inviting setup by Jenna Sue of Jenna Sue Design.


8. Create a grand entrance with double doors.

Farmhouse decor tends to look more cohesive when you adhere to a tight color palette, and the same goes for farmhouse front door ideas. For instance, these double doors belonging to Sarah of The Charming Detroiter look flawless in brown and are punctuated with shades of green, black, navy, and white.


Where to Shop for Farmhouse Front Doors

You can certainly dress up any door with farmhouse decor, but you can really set the scene if you purchase a door that already fits the beloved country aesthetic.

The Home Depot

With a wide variety of dark wood and white options, The Home Depot's selection of farmhouse front doors also feature vintage-inspired details, like wrought iron and stained glass.


For a rustic front door that looks as if it were pulled right from a barn, look no further than Rustica. Their designs are modern but look like the real thing.

Grand Entry Doors

For a modern farmhouse front door with classic windows and high-quality woods, head on over to Grand Entry Doors.



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