35 Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Man Who Has Everything

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Why are all dads so dang hard to shop for? Besides being notoriously tight-lipped about what they actually ​want,​ they're also into so many different things, so it can be extra difficult to drum up clever ideas. But alas, Father's Day is the one day a year when we try to dial back our eye-rolling and genuinely embrace dad's weird hobbies, whatever they are.


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While we're 99% certain that dear old dad would tell us he "doesn't need anything" this year if asked, we beg to differ — which is why we've rounded up our favorite gift ideas, from outdoorsy stuff he can use while adventuring to indoorsy stuff for interests he discovered in 2020 and still obsesses over. Scroll down to see our favorite gift ideas.

1. ​For the dad who never stops practicing his swing:Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor, $499.99

This pocket-sized golf coach will help him sharpen up his skills now that courses are starting to reopen. The MLM turns any iOS device into a portable launch monitor, giving instant feedback and video playbacks on his swing.

2. ​For the dad who's always misplacing his glasses:Puebco Glasses Tray in Round, $26

With a sleek, understated look that wouldn't be out-of-place at a high-end design store, this glasses tray by Japanese brand Puebco will make sure Dad's never left fumbling around for his specs ever again. (It's also available in a more angular style, for square-shaped frames.)

3. ​For the dad who loves nature above all else:BioLite CampStove 2 Wood Burning Stove System, $229.95

This CampStove bundle can turn fire into electricity with its patented thermoelectric technology for on-demand charging, burn wood for a portable campfire without the smoke, grill meals on its portable folding grill, and boil water in the kettle — all while reducing corporate carbon emissions: 10% of every sale goes to Certified Climate Neutral, a non-profit helping businesses transition to a zero-carbon future.


4. ​For the dad with an achy back:Coleman SaluSpa, $708

Let's face it: Life is just better for folks who own hot tubs or pools. If your dad isn't already on that list, no sweat — the latest class of inflatable hot tubs can turn his backyard or patio into a luxurious escape in no time. (Which will come in handy, after he tweaks out his back while mowing the lawn.)

5. ​For the dad who's been working on his knife skills:Peg & Awl Shou Sugi Ban Knife Grabber, $130

Shou Sugi Ban refers to a timeless Japanese practice of scorching and blackening wood with fire as a way to preserve it — just FYI, in case you needed to make this magnetic knife grabber seem even cooler to your foodie dad.

6. ​For the dad who's into hunting for hard-to-find whiskey:Pappy & Company Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee, $22

You might not be able to track down a bottle of legendary Pappy Van Winkle for your old man in time for Father's Day, but you can still give him a taste of the good stuff with this Louisville, KY-roasted coffee aged in old Pappy barrels.


7. ​For the dad who's been on an organization kick:Open Spaces Underbed Storage Bins, Set of 2, $130

These ultra-cool storage bins are almost too design-y to stash under the bed. Their compressed felt body and leather handles make them look almost like quirky midcentury suitcases ... and they make a nice stand-in for a side table when stacked, too.

8. ​For the dad who takes his toolkit very seriously:HART Multiple Drive 160-Piece Mechanics Tool Set, $98

This 160-piece tool set has everything needed for the guy who can fix anything. If his toolbox is older than you are, surprise him with a brand-new set that will upgrade his bench.

9. ​For the dad who really misses steaming at the gym:Moen Nebia Spa Shower 2.0, $499

Moen's proprietary shower system uses "atomized water droplets" to create a super-relaxing shower experience that's somewhere between the best rain head ever and a steam room. Plus it uses up to 65% less water than traditional showerheads. (And you know how dads like to brag about their low utility bills.) We're partial to the tech-y matte black colorway this model now comes in.


10. ​For the dad who's doing a deep dive into experimental cooking:OMSOM Sampler Trio, $29

If he's cooking more than ever before, treat him to a variety of spices that will up his flavor game. OMSOM's kits create a fast track to cooking authentic Thai, Vietnamese, and Filipino dishes with professional-vetted recipes from some of the industry's top chefs. (Bonus: It arrives in a unique giant matchbox-style case.)

11. ​For the dad who's all about getting his hands dirty:Barebones for Terrain Hori Hori, $36

A garden multi-tool with an undeniably badass vibe, the Japanese Hori Hori's blade is sharp enough to cut even the toughest roots, while the angled shape allows it to double as a trowel as well. The blunt end can be used to hammer in stakes, and there are even measurement markings to help when planting. In short, if you only get him one garden gadget, make it this one.

12. ​For the dad who's finally getting hip to the whole CBD thing: Potli Cold-Pressed Hemp Infused Olive Oil, $32

For an upgraded EVOO drizzle.


13. ​For the dad who's also a dog dad:Roverlund Out-Of-Office Pet Carrier, $159

Finally, a travel carrier for man's best friend that looks more like the cool outdoor pack or gym bag he'd be carrying anyway.

15. ​For the dad who's a minimalist, inside and out:Blu Dot Smokey Fire Pit, $449

Just because he wants to light some stuff on fire in the great outdoors doesn't mean he's abandoned his ultra-minimalist sense of style. This black void of a fire pit looks like something you'd see at the MoMA.

16. ​For the dad who never misses an episode of​ ​Hot Ones​ ​on YouTube:Farmsteady Fermented Hot Sauce Kit, $40

DIY projects! Hot sauce! It's fun for the whole family, really.

17. ​For the dad who has jumped on the dutch oven bread baking train:Timo Sarpaneva Cast-Iron Casserole, $227

A built-to-last artifact of Scandinavian design for his sourdough endeavors, with a significantly more modern, masculine style than your standard Staub.


18. ​For the dad who's really "over it" with the Zoom happy hour hangovers:MONDAY Zero-Alcohol Gin, $40

Is gin really gin if it doesn't have alcohol? If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? Feel free to ponder these questions and more with dad as you enjoy a tipple of this surprisingly satisfying juniper beverage.

19. ​For the dad whose listening habits are as old school as his style:MUZEN Wireless Desk Radio, $129

This double-take-inducing Bluetooth setup is designed to mimic the look of a 1964 radio — and it has the quality craftsmanship to prove it. The jazzy metal and wood design comes nestled in a similarly classic travel suitcase ... but the interior tech is all modern. Get ready to watch dad cut a rug.

20. ​For the dad who's new to this whole parenthood thing:Norma Dorothy First Father's Day Candle, $20.60

If this is his first big Father's Day celebration, treat him to something he can cherish and love for years to come (even if it just serves as a reminder of the good during the terrible twos).


21. ​For the dad who loves gadgets (especially in the kitchen):Brava Oven, $1,095

Think of this as an air fryer-meets-microwave. The Brava uses powerful infrared energy, like that from an oven or grill, so it can heat quicker than traditional ovens. Plus, it has preprogrammed cooking settings for a ton of different recipes — like eggs, fish, meat, veggies, and desserts — so all you have to do is prep and sit back.

22. ​For the dad who has a sweet tooth:Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Father's Day Collection, $22

Treat your dad to a cold pint — or six. If you inherited your sweet tooth from him, celebrate with a flavor taste test of unique and delicious ice cream.

23. ​For the dad who hated stockpiling toilet paper:Tushy Classic Bidet, $89

Toilet paper might be back in stock, but that doesn't mean he can't still get on the bidet bandwagon. This popular product has been selling out consistently during the past few months, and it opens up pretty much limitless "dad joke" potential.


24. ​For the dad whose weekend pancakes deserve a Michelin star:Hedley & Bennet The Essential Apron, $95

Kitchen-tested by professional chefs, Hedley & Bennet's hard-wearing heavyweight cotton apron is as fetching as it is functional.

25. ​For the dad who's training for the world Poker championship:Sunnylife Lucite Poker Set, $140

This modern lucite set is a serious trade-up from the beer-soaked dollar store set he and his buddies have been using for years.

26. ​For the dad who's... the opposite of a green thumb:PicoMax Self-Contained Gardening System, from $75

A set-it-and-forget-it way to grow whatever, wherever.

27. ​For the dad who thinks he's "salt bae":Brightland Summer Grilling Capsule, $65

We're well-documented fans of Brightland's rich, transformative olive oil. So when the brand teamed up with J.Q. Dickinson to create a grilling capsule with coarse heirloom sea salt and quality cedar planks, it appealed to our "less is more" grilling philosophy even more. And isn't that, really, the epitome of summertime good eats? Dad will love it.

28. ​For the dad who has the taste for pre-prohibition cocktails... but not the tools:DRNXMYTH Clover Club bottled cocktails, $13

Formulated by some of the best bartenders in the biz, these high-craft cocktails will evaporate any apprehensions about the moderator "pre-mixed."

29. ​For the dad who can't find his phone... again:Bandolier x NBA Lanyard, $98

Trick out a Bandolier phone wallet with his favorite NBA team's lanyard, and he'll wonder how he ever lived without this "why didn't I think of that?"-worthy system.

30. ​For the dad who really comes alive at a campsite:Everdure CUBE Portable Charcoal Grill, $200

Forget those stumpy-legged grills you've seen at the park — Everdure's CUBE is wildly aesthetically pleasing while packing all the power and punch of a classic charcoal grill. It's lightweight and portable, so there's no reason your camp cooking can't live up to an at-home standard. Did we mention it comes in multiple color combos?

31. ​For the dad who's always strumming something:CaitlynMinimalist Fingerprint Engraved Guitar Pick, from $32

Customize a sterling silver guitar pick with your fingerprint and dad's favorite song, and he'll be "definitely not crying" in minutes.

32. ​For the dad who's an audio snob:Master + Dynamic MW65 Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones, $499

The gift of noise-canceling is the best gift of all, isn't it? These headphones' navy leather and silver colorway is a sharp combination he'll appreciate when he's making his way through the airport or running errands around town, too.

33. ​For the dad with an unmatched novelty beer cozy collection:BruMate Hopsulator TRiO in Walnut, $25

No more novelty beer cozies. This handsome insulator is designed for craft 16 oz. cans (his favorite), has a freezable insert to convert for 12 oz. cans, and can become a pint glass in a flick of the wrist. Think of it as the Swiss Army Knife of beer insulation tools.

34. ​For the dad who can't resist a "mad scientist" moment:LEVO II Herbal Oil & Butter Infuser, $299

He's come a long way since his college "magic brownies." A new class of kitchen must-have, LEVO II is a countertop "botanical decarboxylator" (read: infuser) that'll let dad make cannabis gummies, cannabutter baked goods, and pretty much anything else he can scheme up. (And yes, his friends will be jealous.)

35. ​For the dad who always has some words of encouragement:Oxford Pennant "You'll Think Of Something" Wool Camp Flag, $145

He's always good for some sound advice, so return the favor with this encouraging (and distinctly dad-ly) camp flag.