14 Vintage Gucci Decor Items We'd Own in a Perfect World

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Kanye West once said that he was "'bout to go Gucci in the Gucci store," and we can only say — we understand his position completely. As a legacy brand, Gucci is one that we will forever revere, and we have a particular soft spot for the fashion house's vintage decor designs. Seek these items out and you'll find that they are rare, not particularly useful, and very, very expensive. But we can dream, can't we? We will kindly accept any of the following:

Vintage Nautical Serving Tray, $465

This would go great with a yacht. Or Bagel Bites, if you don't have a yacht.

Leather Pen Cup, $269.99

Rich people apparently have cups specifically for storing pens. You learn something new every day. (Diplomatic passport not included.)

Richard Ginori for Gucci Ashtray, $352

This should be an incentive to quit smoking — because why would you want to cover up those gorgeous flowers?

Whiskey Glass Set, $236

Now you just need a gold lamé cocktail dress to go with.

Spherical Table Lighter, $499


1960s Vintage Throw, $864.73

Ordinarily, we'd pass on any blanket past the age of 50, but this is an exception.

Graphic Wine Cooler, $405

This might be a fancy-rich-person wine cooler but we wouldn't judge if you used it to chill that primo bottle of Barefoot Wine.

French Playing Card Pack, $249

Go Fish, anyone?

Glass Cocktail Pitcher, $450

Okay, we really do need to bring back the idea of making cocktails by the pitcher, even if only to be able to say, "I'll whip us up a pitcher of martinis."

Horse Bit Photo Frame, $495

It's monogrammed, but if your initials aren't JRW, you can say it stands for Just Really Wonderful. Or something.

Lucite Clock, $649.99

It works! ( For $650...it should. )

Horse Bit Wine Bottle Holder, $287.10

Yep, it's another thing millionaires invented to fill the void.

1970s Floral Glassware Set, $450


Decorative Brass Box, $1,500

Maybe you could justify this as an investment?

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