15 Vintage Scandinavian Etsy Finds So Good, We Almost Didn't Share Them With You

vintage egg covers
credit: AgedNicely

Etsy can be overwhelming and you might sometimes think, How many more distressed wood "Believe" signs do I have to search through to get to the good stuff? One tip? We like to get specific with our search terms and so "vintage Scandinavian" or "vintage Danish/Norwegian/Finnish/etc." are phrases we often use. And they deliver: There is so much vintage Scandi-cool goodness on Etsy. Here are some pieces we found that are so awesome, we almost kept them secret.

Set of Three Hooped Scandinavian Glass Candleholders, $133.20
credit: Retroburgh

If you're looking to add some Scandinavian warmth to a room, candles are a good place to start. And these green glass beauties are so good. Neeeeeed.

This Etsy shop owner sources her vintage rugs from private homes in Finland. This midcentury find would instantly add dimension to a hallway.

Scandinavian wood bird candleholder
credit: VintageByBeth

Once you start your vintage Scandi searching on Etsy, you'll find lots of candleholders in this expandable bird design. A classic.

Can't get over the amazing color of this 1960s glass vase.

This rare trivet was manufactured by Arabia Finland, a Finnish ceramics company that has been around since the late 1800s.

This glowing amber trio of lights is just what your empty living room corner needs.

We love the color scheme on these 1970s retro coffee cups by Swedish ceramics designer Margareta Hennix. (Note that the listing is for one cup; the vendor is selling each piece of the set separately.)

Scandinavian Midcentury Kilim Rug, $1,150
credit: GraceAndPiece

Dang, this is pricy. But it's kind of amazing.

Another classic accent, this one is from Aarikka Finland.

The sides of this clever wood basket fold inward.

Vintage Embroidered Scandinavian Folk Art Pillow, $35
credit: SwedeFinds

Seriously considering buying this.

Lena Eklund Egg Warmers, $85
credit: AgedNicely

Gah! These egg warmers are so cute! The tops are like little cotton socks for boiled eggs.

Gotta have some teak in there somewhere.

Classy and classic.

We feel happier just looking at this mug. Perfect for making glum winter days warmer.

Leonora Epstein

Leonora Epstein

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