12 Pieces of Disney Decor We Don't Actually Hate?

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We have tons of respect for Disney's parks, characters, movies, etc. And while we're game to sit around and debate which Disney character has the best house, it's not like we'd actually like to move in with Snow White and Co. But there's no denying that — under the right circumstances — we'd be open to bringing a little Disney magic into our homes. Turns out, there's some Disney merch out there that is actually ... kinda cute? Read on for some surprising picks:

1. Mickey Mouse Pitcher, $24.99

From the Disney Homestead Collection, this printed vase could definitely work in a farmhouse kitchen.

2. Pottery Barn Kids Disney Small World Rug, $399-$749

Wow — the Small World collection for Pottery Barn Kids is totally surprising. This rug, while meant for a nursery, could bring some cool midcentury flair to a bedroom, too.

3. Disney California Adventure Collage Starbucks Ceramic Travel Tumbler, $24.99

The graphics on this travel coffee mug feel kind of old school/kitsch.

4. Mickey Mouse Silhouette Cheese Board, $29.99

We can't say that we've seen a lot of "surprising" cheese boards in our day, but this would certainly be a change.

5. Disney x Gucci Suitcase, $3,200

Clearly you need a private plane to go with this Gucci x Disney suitcase.

6. Pottery Barn Kids Disney Small World Mobile, $69

These whimsical shapes based on the Small World ride artwork and scenery provide color stimulation to a wee one.

7. Mickey Mouse Icon Glass Set, $24.99

For your pool or patio dishware — why not?

8. Le Creuset Mickey Mouse Round Dutch Oven, $350

If you gave us a Mickey Mouse Le Creuset, we wouldn't not use it, yanno?

9. Epcot Glass by Arribas, $14

YES to the '80s-style graphics on this Epcot glass, which you can personalize.

10. Pottery Barn Kids Disney Small World Wood Blocks, $69

Too cute.

11. Le Creuset Mickey Mouse Ramekins (set of two), $50

If you've got kids, there are so many entertaining dishes you can make with these mouse-shaped ramekins.

12. Ruggable Mickey Doodles Rug, $139-$399

If you don't look too closely at this black and white rug, you could almost mistake it for some fancy abstract rug.

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