These Puzzles Will Keep You Entertained and Help Etsy Sellers

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Wondering how to stay entertained when you can't leave home? No surprise: puzzles are super popular right now. And they're a great excuse for leaving your phone in another room and getting a break from screen time.


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Etsy recently published a blog post on some of the coolest puzzles and games on the site and we're bookmarking them for future use. Here are some of our current favorites:

For adults:

1. My Luxe Finds Transparent Clear Impossible Jigsaw Puzzle, $20

2. Catherine Cactus 252-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, $25

3. Karen WB Artist Moonlight Over Euclid 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, $35

4. Jennifer Bell Fine Art 500-Piece Abstract Beachy Jigsaw Puzzle, $45.46

5. Tune in Radio Tokyo Wooden Intelligence Toy Brain Teaser, $22

6. Lantern Press Artwork 1,000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, $49.99


For the little ones:

7. Megan Bakke Art 12-Piece Giraffe Puzzle (for Toddler), $35

8. Wooden Name Puzzle for Toddler with Two Names (6-8 Letters), $42.49

9. Oxemize Wooden Puzzles for Toddlers (Dolphin), $9.85