7 Amazon Pet Costumes for Your Most Adorable Halloween Yet

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Spooky season is officially here! After you're done breaking out the Halloween decor — from larger-than-life inflatables to trendy pastel decorations — it's time to get your pet in on the Halloween spirit — if they'll tolerate it, that is. Whether you have a dog or cat, check out these absolutely adorable pet Halloween costumes on Amazon.


Best Bat

Video of the Day

Try this batwing costume to transform your pet into an adorably spooky creature of the night.

Video of the Day

Best Puppuccino

Order up the perfect puppaccino with this sweet two-piece costume.

Best Cowboy

Have a pet that's not into full-on costumes but doesn't mind wearing a harness? Try this cowboy costume with an easy-to-use (and hilarious) design.

Best Sailor

Is there anything cuter than a little sailor hat and necktie? We don't think so.


Best Shark

Make a splash this Halloween with this fuzzy shark costume.

Best Harry Potter

Get magical with this Harry Potter-themed costume, complete with the wizard's signature round glasses.


Best Superhero

Turn your pet into the next Clark Kent with this heroic Superman getup.



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