These 17 Pet Costumes Will Win Halloween

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Spooky season is officially here! After you're done breaking out the Halloween decor — from larger-than-life inflatables to trendy pastel decorations — it's time to get your pet in on the Halloween spirit. Whether you have a dog, cat, or guinea pig, check out 17 absolutely adorable pet Halloween costumes to buy, below.


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1. Hyde & EEK! Boutique Squirrel Pirate Rider Dog and Cat Costume, $10

Target's Hyde & EEK! Boutique is a total goldmine for all things Halloween, this costume included. It's perfect for pets that don't tolerate full-on costumes but don't mind wearing a harness. It's also available as a dragon.

2. California Costumes UPS Delivery Driver Dog and Cat Costume, $19.99

This costume will deliver nothing but joy this Halloween.

3. Frisco Happy Cow Dog and Cat Costume, $15.99

Don't have a cow; dress your pet like one instead.

4. Malier Bat Wings Halloween Cat and Dog Costume, $8.99-$9.99

Try this batwing costume to transform your pet into an adorably spooky creature of the night.


5. Frisco Chef Guinea Pig Costume Hat, $5.69

Yes, there are costumes for guinea pigs, too! This option is as good as a five-star restaurant.

6. Loges and Lily 90s Inspired Pet Costume, $8.99-$15.99

Turn your pets into snuggly Beanie Babies with these quick and easy costumes.

7. Frisco Sea Turtle Dog and Cat Costume, $14.99

A furry sea turtle? Sign us up.

8. Hyde & EEK! Boutique Giraffe Hat Cat Costume, $5

Is there really anything cuter than a cat with a giraffe hat?

9. Waffle Stash Meow Bucks Costume, $14.50-$16


Your pet can tap into their inner paw-rista with this "meow bucks" costume.

10. Rubie's Puppy Latte Pet Costume, $18.99

Talk about a puppaccino. If you're lucky enough to have two pets, pair this with the "meow bucks" costume for the ultimate couple's costume.

11. Frisco Stegosaurus Dinosaur Dog and Cat Costume, $22.99

Go Jurassic Park this Halloween with a dinosaur costume made for cats and dogs.

12. Frisco Bumble Guinea Pig Costume, $8.54

Your guinea pig will be the buzz of the town with this bee getup.

13. Frisco Front Walking Granny Dog and Cat Costume, $15.99-$17.99


Turn your pet into a sweet grandma this Halloween.

14. Hyde & EEK! Boutique Hot Dog with LED Dog Costume, $15

Dress your pup up as the hot dog they are with this Halloween costume.

15. Star Wars: The Mandalorian Child Dog Costume, $15.99

Dress your fur child up as The Child from ​The Mandalorian​ as an instant win for any pet Halloween costume contest.

16. Frisco Front Walking Werewolf Dog and Cat Costume, $15.99-$17.99

This werewolf costume will make you believe in things that go "woof" in the night.

17. Hyde & EEK! Boutique Royal Crown Cat Costume, $5

Fit for a king or queen, this crown hat will make your cat look like royalty.


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