16 Modern Macabre Decor Finds for People Who Wish It Was Halloween All Year

Glam Halloween Entertaining Picks
credit: Food52

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There are two types of people in this world — people who like Halloween, and people who LIVE for Halloween. And if you're among the latter group, it's not uncommon to find your predilection for spooky and disconcerting decor starting to — how do we put this? — infect your home during the rest of the year. Sure, it may begin innocently enough, with a skull-themed art print or a small litter of black cat curios, but pretty soon, you're going full-on gothic glam, 365 days a year.

Well, we say embrace it. Here we've rounded up our top high-design picks for those who skew toward the spookier side of the spectrum. These styles are just what the doctor (we're talking about Frankenstein, of course) ordered to take your Halloween cocktail party to the next level ... and they're elevated and elegant enough to leave out year-round, if that's your thing.

Embroidered cocktail napkins are one of those little touches that make us truly feel like we're adulting in the best way. This spooky eye set from Jonathan Adler strikes the right note in between mystical and mysterious.

Glam Halloween Entertaining Picks
credit: Food52

These handmade 100% natural beeswax candles drip dramatically as they burn down, achieving the ultimate goth-chic vibe.

This curious candelabra + those drippy black wax tapers = instant macabre mood.

Seletti Snake Print Mirror
credit: Neiman Marcus

We're all familiar with the feeling of being spooked by what you see in the mirror (hello, dark circles that no amount of caffeine can erase ...), but during the Halloween season, this mirror printed with brightly colored snakes provides a welcome fright.

Tom Dixon Tank Decanter
credit: Tom Dixon

Looking like something you might find in a mad scientist's lab, Tom Dixon's dark and stormy-style decanter adds a bit of Dr. Frankenstein flavor to your bar cart.

Like a chicer relative of Cousin It, this tiered tray is a perfectly peculiar perch for ladyfingers (obviously), or even bunches of blood-red grapes.

This creepy-crawly candleholder makes for a clever callback to the snake theme, and we're ssssssssssmitten.

CB2 Vapor Dinnerware
credit: CB2

We're bubbling over with love for this eccentric black and white dinnerware. Just picture how striking your canapés will look against this dark and dramatic surface.

There's something vaguely Hitchcockian about these durable enameled plates, which show off macabre graphics like disembodied fingers, toads, and eyes trapped in eyelash-curler vices.

Ichendorf Milano Aurora Smoke Flute
credit: Need Supply

We've all been wowed by a dry-ice laced drink, but when you're hosting at home, it's so much easier to impart a gloomy gothic aura to your cocktails by choosing smoke-tinted glassware. No protective eyewear required.

CB2 Mars Smoke Double Old-Fashioned Glass
credit: CB2

An equally moody pick for serving cocktails, made even better by the intricate cut glass that lends a haunted mansion vibe.

Use this handsome handmade wooden tray to corral all your barware, or hold some candles on the coffee table.

Areaware Totem Candle
credit: Need Supply

Understated but still edgy, these Totem candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes perfect for creating clusters around your buffet or bar (and also are available in orange, in case you want to go all out on the Halloween factor).

Kim Seybert Katrina Cocktail Napkins
credit: Kim Seybert

These unique cocktail napkins also make for a nice hostess gift for your similarly spooky friend.

Chen and Kai Stone Fruit Planter
credit: Chen and Kai

These concrete bowls are cast from actual fruits and veggies (in this case, pumpkins, obviously) to create a hyper-lifelike look.

Snagglebit Ink Art Palmistry Hand
credit: Etsy

This fully-opposable hand-painted hand might not change your fortune, but it'll hold your rings and bracelets with ease (and can even help point guests to the snack bar).

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Emily Bihl

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