How to Decorate Your Home this Halloween Without Scaring Away Your Taste of Style

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We're calling it: This is the year you'll filter your Halloween nostalgia through the lens of your current, modern design style, and leave your old exclusively neon gear behind.


The result? Adult-friendly vibes that feel no less festive. All you need is this curated list, packed with eight classy pieces that scream, "I have taste and I love Halloween." Psst: You can score them all from Walmart.

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Sit back and pour yourself a glass of red wine in this matte black stemless wine glass, one part spooky and all parts modern flair.

Pro tip: Swap bright orange with understated brass. Use this tray for serving all your treats, and you'll still catch eyes.

Light this seasonally appropriate candle, and you'll be enveloped by soothing scents like musk, sage, and mahogany.

Dress up your candle with this holder, offering just the right touch of elaborate design to be both Halloween-esque and interesting enough for your mantle. Consider it the fancy version of a jack-o'-lantern.


Anything antique-inspired instantly feels Halloween-friendly, and this faux-marble dinnerware fits the bill. Don't sleep on the gold detailing—remember, brass is the new orange.

Need a non-tacky jar for all the candy you're about to consume? Look no further. Plus, you can see exactly how much candy (or lack thereof) you have every time you reach your hand in.


Perch this simple black lantern on your front porch to illuminate the way for all the trick-or-treaters with real candlelight.

Hang a moody painting in your entry way to set the tone for your elevated Halloween—it's proof that dark can be beautiful, especially when it's inky blue ombre.



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