The 18 Most Ridiculous (and Adorable) Cat Scratchers You Can Buy

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Most pet owners know that buying toys or furniture for cats can be a hit or miss. Truth be told, there's a good chance your cat might enjoy the cardboard box your latest pet haul came in rather than the toy itself. But since cats have a natural tendency to scratch — whether it's to sharpen their claws, stretch, or exercise — cat scratchers are an absolute must. Not only can they be fun for your feline friends, but they also might prevent your cat from digging their claws into your furniture.


So, why settle for a plain cat scratcher when there are so many fun and unique designs out there? Scroll through to check out 18 of the most ridiculous (and absolutely adorable) cat scratchers you can buy, below.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. Tucker Murphy Pet Jacobsen DJ Scratching Deck, $35

Support your cat's dream of becoming a DJ with this scratching deck.


2. Laptop Cat Scratching Pad, $35

Remember when buying mini laptops for your cat went viral on TikTok? Buy this laptop cat scratcher instead. Mouse included.


3. Boots & Barkley Taco Truck Cat Scratcher, $24.99

Treat your cat to some fish tacos along with this two-tier taco truck cat scratcher.


4. Sun Squad Surf Shop 2 Story Cat Scratch House, $20


Your cat can hang ten in this two-tier surf shop cat scratcher, perfect for summer.


5. Boots & Barkley Yoga Studio House Cat Scratcher, $19.99

If you love yoga and want your cat to join in on the fun, try this yoga studio cat scratcher.


6. District 70 Mix Tape Cardboard Large Cat Scratcher Toy, starting at $35.10

Throw it back to the mixtape days with this cassette scratcher.


7. ASPCA Cottage Cat House Scratcher, $19.99

Cottagecore but for cats? Sign us up. Plus, this scratcher comes with a bag of catnip.



8. American Cat Club Mediterranean Villa Cat House with Scratchboard, $24.99

If we could stay in this Mediterranean-style villa, we would. But unfortunately, this is something only our cats can enjoy.


9. American Cat Club Retro TV Cat House with Scratchboard, $19.99

What's better than Netflix? Watching our feline friends lounge in this retro TV cat house.

10. District 70 Sardine Cardboard Cat Scratcher Toy, $49.99

Made from recycled cardboard, your cat will love this sardine can cat scratcher.

11. Odoland Mushroom Cat Scratching Post, $27.99


Here's another cottagecore-worthy cat scratcher option to add to your cart.

12. American Cat Club Miami Hotel Cat House with Scratchboard, $24.99

Your cat can enjoy a little staycation in this vibrant Miami hotel cat house.

13. Frisco Retro Game Over Scratcher Cat Toy, $15.73

Pay homage to your childhood Gameboy with this retro cat scratcher.

14. Boots & Barkley City Aquarium Cat Scratcher, $16.99

We can't get enough of this adorable aquarium cat house, complete with two tiers and multiple entrances.


15. Boots & Barkley Milk Carton Cat Scratcher, $14.99

This black and white milk carton cat scratcher is the perfect blend of quirky and minimalist.

16. Frisco Cactus Cat Scratching Post, starting at $16.99

Give nothing but desert vibes with this cactus scratching post.

17. Hyde & EEK! Boutique Treat Boutique Candy Shop Cat Scratcher, $25

If you're decorating for Halloween already, this spooky candy shop cat scratcher is a must.

18. Wondershop Double Decker Holiday Present Tower Cat Scratcher House, $34.99

The holidays are right around the corner, and what better present to give your cats than a tower cat scratcher with a festive gift box design?



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