People on TikTok Are Buying Mini Laptops for Their Cats

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Today in "adorable things on the internet," we're having the best time ever watching cat owners buy their furry friends a new essential: a mini laptop.


Video of the Day

Ever since many people started working from home, felines have had to get used to new conditions. And they're often more than happy to snooze on a lap as their human works — or even across their entire keyboard.

User @bestcoastbaby posted a video saying, "So, I read on the internet that cats get on your laptop because they're mirroring you and so if you get them their own laptop, they'll leave you alone. And look at this little business man!" A nearby cat is clearly happy to have its own mini laptop.


Other cat owners on the social media app started to buy mini laptops for their pets, too. Now, #catlaptop has more than 4.5M views (and it's getting lots of attention on Instagram, too).

If you want your own, we found one on Etsy for $20.20. Happy co-working with your cat.


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