This New Candle Launch Is Dedicated to Tennis’ Unsung Hero: The Ball Boy

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Ball boys are the unsung heroes of the tennis industry. Their tireless work on the court to make games run smoothly has gone under appreciated for far too long. Finally, two brands have come together to bring those on the sidelines to the forefront, through the Prince x Vacation Commemorative Collection which includes a Ball Boy Scented Candle.


With Prince as a mainstay in the tennis space and Vacation a booming sunscreen brand, the partnership has assembled a limited-edition collection of leisure products that celebrate the completely fictitious "1992 Interoffice Tennis Championships" in Miami, which were dreamt up for the campaign. Prince and Vacation have spun up a tale with Vacation employee Brian Maurice Bell as its protagonist, who unlocked secrets to the Vacation Water-Resistant Sunscreen Technology while serving as the Ball Boy for the tournament.

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As their legend has it, "Defending Prince Champion" Rhonda Schofield gave Bell an ad-hoc wax solution to help him grip the balls he was fumbling more securely. It was in this moment that Bell noticed the sunscreen he'd been applying with his waxy hand held strong throughout the sweat-inducing game — and thus a lightbulb went off that would change the world of sunscreen forever, earning Bell a coveted spot in the "Leisure-Enhancing Sunscreen Industry Hall of Fame."


The Prince x Vacation Commemorative Collection is meant to honor the contributions that Bell and Schofield made to Vacation on the 30th anniversary of the tournament. The candle holds fragrance notes of fresh tennis balls, Vacation sunscreen, Prince sweatbands, and delicious cucumber sandwiches.

You can get your hands on the Ball Boy Scented Candle, among other merch, now on the Prince and Vacation websites respectively.



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