Gordon Ramsay's Take on Tomato Toast Is a Garlic Lover's Dream

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Tomato toast became the new avocado toast for summer 2022, and we weren't upset about it. Now there's a new twist on the confection to take your toast game up a notch by none other than the iconic Gordon Ramsay. You may know him as British chef, TV personality, and author, but he has been making waves on TikTok with his easy-to-make recipes. Most recently, Ramsay shared his creation of garlic tomato toast — and the result is mouth-watering.


The chef begins by adding peeled garlic cloves to a baking dish before filling the tray with olive oil. He adds in a few chili peppers for an extra kick, along with some herbs for even more flavor. He covers the dish with aluminum foil and places it in the oven. While the video doesn't say exactly how long Ramsay cooks the garlic, just keep watch on the cloves until they are tender — you should be able to easy jab with a fork. Pro tip: save the oil you cooked the garlic in to have delicious garlicky oil on hand.

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Next, Ramsay slices his favorite bread (you can use any bread you like), drizzles it with olive oil, and toasts it in a pan. While the toast is, well, toasting, he chops up some juicy cherry tomatoes.


The chef covers the bread with a few garlic cloves and mashes them to create a kind of garlic confit, another way of saying roasted garlic. When you soak and slow-cook garlic with generous amounts of oil, the cloves lose their bitterness and become slightly sweet and soft, making them easy to mash.

Once the garlic is crushed on the toast, Ramsay dresses the top with all the tomatoes that can fit comfortably on the slice. He drizzles the finished product with even more olive oil, and sprinkles with a little salt, pepper, and other herbs, before topping off the toast with a soft boiled egg.

If you're able to prep this dish beforehand, you may have a new easy lunch up your sleeve. Gordon Ramsay has done it again.



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