You'll Always Have Minced Garlic Ready to Go With This Age-Old Trick

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Unless you have a garlic press, peeling and mincing garlic cloves is arguably one of the most tedious and dreadful parts of cooking — right behind chopping onions. (The inevitable tears are just too much.)


To make your kitchen endeavors easier, you may have succumbed to buying minced garlic in a jar, but then you sadly miss out on that fresh garlic flavor. Thankfully, Instagrammer @plantyou showed the internet a way to prepare minced garlic ahead of time so you don't have to break out the big knife and goggles every time you want to make dinner.

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The creator begins by taking a bowl of peeled garlic cloves and adding them to a blender with a little olive oil. This will turn the garlic into a paste — similar to what you may see in the jars at the grocery store. They also suggest adding in some fresh herbs if you're looking for extra flavor.


Once the garlic cloves are fully blended — they should look like mashed potatoes — add the concoction into a clean ice cube tray. Place it in the freezer and whip one out every time you want to add garlic to a dish.


"If you add a little water to the pan with your frozen minced garlic, it will be perfect in a minute's time!" the creator writes in their post.

Users chimed in with their approval of the hack, and others even called attention to how this tradition has actually been used in Middle Eastern, Indian, and South Asian cultures for ages. While this may be a new trick for many of us, there are also those who have witnessed this habit get passed down firsthand.

Frozen garlic paste is about to become a freezer staple. Truly genius, if you ask us.



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