This Clever Kitchen Trick Lets You Cut Onions Without Crying

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If the thought of cutting an onion is enough to bring you to tears, you're not alone. Cutting onions can be frustrating, and yet, it's one of the most essential skills in the kitchen. So, what's a home cook to do? We'd recommend trying a technique shared by Gordon Ramsay, culinary expert and chef.


Video of the Day

In a popular TikTok video, @andrewdaviesmedia shows a clip of Ramsay on one of his shows. In the clip, Ramsay explains that leaving the root on the onion is key for avoiding tearing. Otherwise, the onion will start "bleeding" and releasing gases that make you cry. Noted.

From there, Ramsay demonstrates his technique: Slice the onion in half, so that each piece still has part of the root attached to it. Next, place the flat side of one half on your cutting board. The root should be facing out to the side, in the opposite direction of your cutting hand. Rest your fingers of your non-cutting hand on top, then slice the onion in horizontal cuts, getting as close to the root as possible.


Finally, push the onion back together, turning it so the root is facing your body. Slice into the onion about halfway through, tilting your knife at a slight downward slant. Repeat along the top, grip the onion, then slice the entire onion half until you've reached the root.

At first glance, these instructions might seem confusing. But trust us — it's pretty easy once you do it. If you need a visual reference, check out the video on TikTok. You'll be glad you did!


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Happy cooking!


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