9 Home Hacks We Learned From TikTok

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Admittedly, to us, the world of TikTok is a completely foreign universe that we're not quite sure we'll ever understand. (We're fine with being old.) That said, when we do dip in, we sometimes find home hacks that are, well, pretty damn genius. Of course, there are also a few that seem slightly dubious, but either way, they fully get our attention. Here are some of the things we've learned about cleaning, food, and decor from TikTok:


Video of the Day

1. A magic formula for cleaning makeup brushes:

User @raquel_solorio gave us the perfect makeup brush-cleaning solution (Palmolive, white vinegar, and water). With over 2.9 million views, you know it's gotta work.


2. A disgusting reveal about strawberries:

Is this truly for real? That if you dunk your strawberries in salt water, you'll see little bugs come out? Either way, we're fascinated.


3. A laundry hack that's both gross and satisfying:

This laundry soak involves Borax, washing soda, and laundry detergent, and should pull out all sorts of hidden dirt from sheets, towels, and clothing. TikTok user @gocleango has a process video to show you how.


4. How to propogate basically everything:

TikTok star @gardenmarcus is a genius in the garden and will teach you how to grow plants from existing plants (plus lots of other helpful gardening tidbits). Read our Q&A with him here.


5. The easiest way to clean a windowsill:

User @heeeyol showed us that with a sponge, a knife, and a marker, you can create a cleaning tool that is custom to your windowsill, getting perfectly into all the little cracks.


6. A way to make your curtains look more expensive:

User @hammsmom has a genius, almost-zero cost way to make your curtains look great. All you have to do is cut pieces of paper towel (or toilet paper or gift wrap) rolls down to the same size, thread on the backside of your curtain, and when hung, they create perfect, evenly spaced drapes.


7. A trick for making your peanut butter easier to eat:

User @shopsplat has this trick for making your peanut butter jar look like new.


8. A secret way to make your candles last longer:

To keep your candle wick optimal, explains user @taylortoks, you want candle "memory," which is created the first time you light a candle. The trick is to let the candle burn the first time until the entire layer of wax on top turns to liquid. Blowing it out too early creates an uneven burn every time you light the candle in the future.

9. Speaking of candles, TikTok also informed us of this great dupe:

Anthropologie's signature candles may have a cult following, but they are indeed rather pricey. User @noyoucantcallmeliz put us onto this nearly identical (in smell) dupe, available at Walmart for a fraction of the price.