The Best Dupes for Anthropologie's Capri Blue Volcano Candle, According to TikTok

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The other night, after brushing my teeth and taking my melatonin gummies, I was laying in bed doing what I do every night: Scrolling through TikTok. I'm well aware that I'm ​slightly​ above the target age bracket for the video app, but it's wildly entertaining and I need something to do since I've officially looked at all of Instagram (all of it).

And I'm glad I did because, on that particular night, I stumbled across an unexpected corner of the TikTok library. Slipped in between relatable quarantine jokes, healthy recipe hacks, and dance routines set to catchy songs, I found a life hack video I can't believe I ever lived without.

According to user @noyoucantcallmeliz, there is a perfect dupe of Anthropologie's delicious smelling (and admittedly expensive) Capri Blue Volcano Candles found at Target: Threshold Milky Glass Lidded Jar Candle in the 'Red Mandarin & Guava' scent. Made with the tropical scents of mandarin and guava, it's similar — but not quite identical — to Capri Blue's notes of tropical fruits, sugared oranges, and lemons and limes. But, Elizabeth on TikTok swears that the smell is nearly identical. And priced at only $5, compared to Anthropologie's prices that hover around $30 depending on size, you really can't go wrong.

But, here's the real kicker. After browsing some of the comments, I learned that fellow candle enthusiasts also cite a few more budget-friendly places for spot-on dupes. Scroll down to see the full list of Capri Blue candle looksmell-a-likes and thank us later.

Threshold Milky Glass Lidded Jar Candle Red Mandarin & Guava, $5

Better Homes & Gardens Red Lava Citrus, $11.87

Bath & Body White Barn Sun-Washed Citrus, $24.50

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