11 Candle Hacks That Are Wick-ed Cool

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Candles are one of life's great joys. They smell great, look great, and make us ​feel​ great. And you know what can make candles even better? Clever hacks created by people who love them just as much as we do. From making them last longer to creating your own, you can see some of our favorites below.


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1. DIY Twisted Candles

Want a trendy twisted candle for your own home? Per Instagram user @karodall, all you have to do is heat a tapered candle in hot water for 15 minutes, flatten the candle using the palm of your hand once it's cool enough to touch, and twist. It's that easy.


2. A Clean, Reusable Candle Jar

To clean out a candle jar for reuse, simply place it in the freezer for at least an hour. Then, use a butter knife to scrape out the wax and wick. An extra stubborn wick can be soaked in white vinegar for a few minutes to loosen it.


Once your jar is clean, here's how you can make your own candle.

3. Fix a Tunneled Candle

To fix a tunneled candle (which is when your candle burns only in the middle, creating a tunnel-like look), Instagram user @lucyparts reveals that all you have to do is place tin foil around the rim (ensuring that the wick has room to safely burn). This will help the wax melt down on the sides. You can then save the foil for future tunneled candles.


4. Make Your Candles Last Longer

According to TikTok user TaylorToks, you can make your candle last longer by allowing the first layer of wax to melt completely before blowing it out. This will help create an even, slow burn.


5. Turn Leftover Wax Into Melts

Have a bunch of leftover wax in a burnt-out candle? Follow TikTok user genayashlee's instructions: Fill it with hot water, which will melt the wax and cause it to rise to the top of the candle where it will solidify. You can then take the hardened wax and use it in a wax warmer. The jar can also be reused.


Warning: Similar hacks will suggest that you microwave the candle to melt the wax. However, if you have a metal wick holder at the bottom of the candle, it could explode.

6. Easily Get Wax off Candle Holders

When wax gets stuck to your candle holder, you might be tempted to try to scrape it off right away. Instead, TikTok user orlycyt proposes softening the wax with hot water, so you can easily peel it off in chunks.


7. Even Out Tapered Candles

To ensure that your tapered candles look perfect in their holders, TikTok user lisaloperfido suggests using museum wax to even them out. Genius!


8. Create a Tree-Inspired Candle

Using a sharp knife, TikTok user 3homegirls shows that you can carve your candle to make it look like a tree. Just be extra careful and take your time!


9. Light Shallow Candles Using Spaghetti

If your candle has melted to the point where you need to stick your hand in the jar to light it, use a strand of spaghetti instead. Like TikTok user nikitacekay, light one end of the spaghetti, use that to light the candle, blow it out, and save the spaghetti to continue safely lighting shallow candles.


10. Save a Candle in a Broken Jar

If you accidentally drop your candle and break the jar, have no fear! TikTok user greenywitchy proves that you can still save the candle itself by wrapping the jar in duct tape, placing it in a pot of water over medium heat, waiting for the wax to melt entirely, and then pouring it in an empty candle jar with taped, all-cotton embroidery thread wicks that have been dipped in wax. Voilà! You've saved your candle.

11. Use Napkins to Decorate Candle Jars

TikTok user craftylumberjacks proves that all you need is Mod Podge and a paper napkin to transform a plain candle jar. Yes, it's that simple.


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