7 of the Most Iconic Candles of All Time

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The sense of smell is a powerful one. It's closely linked to memory and can have a great effect on your emotional state, so lighting up a particular candle may cause you to reminisce or relax. There are certain candles that are instantly recognizable, their fragrance strong and lasting in the best way. Chances are you've sniffed at least one of these famous, beloved candles before and have your very own associations with and reactions to its scent.


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We've gathered just a few of the most iconic candles of all time — did your favorite make the list?

You may know the Capri Blue Volcano candle as Anthropologie's signature home good. A hyper popular purchase, it comes in a variety of patterned tins and iridescent jars so you can opt for the exterior that matches your style. No matter which vessel you choose (we like this cobalt blue number), you'll get the sweet smell of vacation. With tropical fruits and sugared citrus as the main notes, it truly transports you to an island getaway.

Luxurious and Parisian, Diptyque candles are an elegant indulgence. Baies, which is French for "berries," is the brand's most obsessed-over fragrance. The olfactory magic here comes from a mix of green, tangy blackcurrant berries and floral, freshly cut roses. Burning one of these babies creates a garden in your home. Plus, the simple glass packaging with chic, black-and-white writing is frequently used as a vase or pencil holder once the wax has melted away.

If you've ever tapped it back on a stationary bike at SoulCycle, this Jonathan Adler candle may remind you of sweating in a dark room with strangers. That nostalgia of endorphins could be one reason for its acclaim, but the delicious grapefruit-meets-passion-fruit-and-freesia aroma certainly has something to do with it, as well. It comes in a vibrant yellow vessel, which undoubtedly brightens any room.


The most prestigious and lavish candle in this roundup, Le Labo's Santal 26 is described by the brand as an "aristocratic scent." It's smooth, smoky, and leathery in a rather sensual way. To those in the know, it's something of a status symbol because this candle and its accompanying products do not come cheap. Perhaps that's exactly why it's so sought-after.

Voluspa is another brand perennially stocked by Anthropologie. Its Mokara candle is a classic, with notes of Mokara orchid, white lily, and spring moss. Light and floral, this fragrance can be found in various types of packaging, from small, embellished tins to this embossed, cylindrical jar.

An iconic candle list is not an iconic candle list without Yankee Candle. Many of the company's scents have their own cult followings, but the Midsummer's Night might just be the most adored. Of course, the dark navy wax comes surrounded by Yankee's distinctive, thick jar with a rounded lid. Musk, patchouli, sage, and mahogany blend together to create this clean, woodsy fragrance.


Although only launched in 2017, this iconic candle has quickly risen the ranks as one of Byredo's bestsellers of all time. This library-themed scent somehow captures the velvety quality of the paper, combined with a touch of peach, plum, and vanilla — and a subtle note of calming patchouli.


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