This Ridiculously Easy Baking Hack Will Make Your Canned Cinnamon Rolls So Fluffy

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We love a good baking hack, especially when it involves easy techniques for upgrading store-bought products. One such example is adding heavy cream to canned cinnamon rolls before baking. Apparently, this makes the rolls ​extra​ fluffy and delicious.


In a recent Instagram video, user @byjillee demonstrates the technique. First, she places Pillsbury Grands! Cinnamon Rolls in a dish. She then drizzles 1/2 cup of heavy cream on top of the unbaked rolls.

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Next, the content creator bakes the rolls as directed and adds icing after they've cooled. The result is a batch of soft, fluffy cinnamon rolls that are said to be as good as Cinnabon's rolls.

According to Instagram users, the trick totally works. One person who tried the hack said: "Oh my gosh, it really does make such a difference! So fluffy and yummy! I sprinkled extra cinnamon sugar over them too." Another person commented, "I've made these several times ... they are delicious."


It's worth noting that you can use this technique with other brands of pre-packaged cinnamon rolls as well. As one Instagram user noted, they're going to try it with the canned pumpkin cinnamon rolls from Trader Joe's. Yum.

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Happy baking!



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