This Baking Hack Guarantees Grease-Free Cupcake Liners

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If you're an avid baker, you probably know how frustrating it is to bake a batch of cupcakes, only to have grease ruin the paper liners. This can be especially disappointing when the liners are meant to be decorative, as the oil can totally ruin the design. Sound familiar? Well, we've found the perfect trick for you.


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According to Instagram user @buffalodietitian, all you need to do is add a bit of uncooked rice to each cavity of the cupcake pan. Next, place the paper liners on top of the rice, then fill the liners with batter as usual. As the cupcakes bake, the excess grease will be absorbed into the rice instead of pooling at the bottom (and ruining your lovely liners).


The drawback to this hack is that some of the rice kernels will adhere to the bottom of your cupcakes. However, you can easily remove the kernels with your fingers, and they won't ruin the actual cupcakes. Just be sure to toss or compost the rice after baking the cupcakes, as it will no longer be usable.

If you frequently bake cupcakes, it might be worth keeping extra rice on hand just for this purpose. You can also use this trick for mini and jumbo cupcake tins, too. Oh, and if you prefer baking muffins instead? The hack works with muffin batter as well. See you never, greasy paper liners.

Other cupcake tips:

As fans of homemade cupcakes, we thought we'd share another baking tip. If you want to add chocolate chips to a cupcake batter, lightly toss the the chips in flour before adding them in. According to the blog Bake or Break, this will prevent the chocolate chips from sinking. What's more, this trick can also be used for other tasty ingredients like raisins and chopped nuts.