This Baking Hack Will Help You Make Perfectly Flat Cakes

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If you love to bake, you've likely experienced the dreaded "domed" cake on more than one occasion. This happens when different parts of the cake cook at different rates. Basically, the outer edges bake first, causing them to become burnt and crispy. Meanwhile, the center of the cake has more time to bake and rise, resulting in a domed shape. Ugh.


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Luckily, as user @petitecakery explains in an insightful TikTok video, this is totally preventable. The secret? Cake strips, which are basically strips of fabric meant to be wrapped around your cake pan. To use a cake strip, you soak it in ice cold water for 20 to 30 minutes, then wring it out.

Next, you place the strip around your cake pan, and bake as usual. The cold fabric will cool down the outer edge of the cake, ultimately preventing it from cooking too fast. According to @petitecakery, this allows the edges ​and​ center of the cake to bake at the same rate. This will create a perfectly flat cake, making it easy to decorate and frost.


If you don't want to buy cake strips, you're in luck. As some people on TikTok noted in the comments section, you can just cut an old kitchen towel into strips and use it in the same way. Another option is to soak a paper towel in ice cold water, fold it into a long strip, then fold aluminum foil around it. So smart.


Regardless of which material you decide to use, a cake strip might be just what you need to bake a perfect cake.

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