The 9 Best TikTok Hacks of 2021

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As another year comes to a close, it's time to recap the best hacks that have graced our TikTok feeds. This includes cleaning tips, decorating tricks, and viral recipes that have made 2021 a bit sweeter. In fact, some of these hacks are so good that they might have already found their way into your daily life.


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In case you've missed out (or if you simply need a refresher), we've gathered the nine best TikTok hacks of 2021, below. Enjoy!

1. A safety hack that makes your door stronger.

Thanks to this easy hack from @cathypedrayes, you can reinforce your front door without spending a pretty penny. All you need to do is switch out the screws in the strike plate — that's it! See the full instructions here.


2. A hack that removes an avocado pit with ease.

Earlier this year, TikTok user @sushichefcho blew people's minds with a ridiculously easy avocado hack. As it turns out, if you hold the avocado in a specific way, you can easily pop out the pit.


3. A cottagecore hack that transforms a teacup.

It's safe to say that 2021 was ​the​ year of cottagecore. However, it doesn't look like the trend will disappear in 2022, so you may want to bookmark this cottagecore teacup bow hack. The trick, which calls for a floral napkin, will instantly turn a basic teacup into a super trendy piece.


4. A DIY hack for making stylish tiled furniture.

Like cottagecore, tiles rose to fame this year — and we loved it. That's why we're convinced this tiled side table IKEA hack by @lonefoxhome is one of the best TikTok hacks of 2021. It involves hacking IKEA's Bestå unit to look totally trendy and chic.


5. A cooking hack that makes an inside-out omelet.

This inside-out omelet hack will totally change the way you do breakfast. It's crispy, delicious, and fun ... what more can you ask for? To try it yourself, check out the instructions here.


6. A hack for turning pasta into chips.

In case you haven't noticed, pasta chips went viral in 2021. Case in point: There are currently one billion (yes, ​billion)​ views on the hashtag #pastachips on TikTok. Who knew so many people were interested in hacking their pasta? Learn how to make the popular snack here.


7. A cleaning hack that removes grease stains from food containers.

Back in June, TikTok user @simplelifehacks shared a cleaning hack that has gone viral. The trick allows you to clean greasy orange stains from plastic food containers in mere minutes. Find the instructions right here.


8. A hack for making oatmeal taste like cake.

Earlier this year, TikTok became obsessed with baked oats, aka an easy hack for transforming average oatmeal. So much so that there are more than 918 million views on the hashtag #bakedoats on TikTok.

9. A clever hack for cleaning your blender without scrubbing.

Finally, in 2021, TikTok users were all about this brilliant hack for cleaning a blender. It involves running a dirty blender with soap and water, letting you clean it without scrubbing. Honestly, we'll be using this TikTok hack forever (and ever).