This TikTok Safety Hack Will Make Your Front Door Stronger

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When it comes to making your home safe, there is no such thing as "too much." That's why we're loving a recent TikTok home hack about how to easily and affordably reinforce your front door.


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"Take out the screws in the strike plate of an exterior door and replace them with screws that are 2.5 to three inches long," advises user @cathypedrayes. "This will reinforce your door, making it harder to kick down."

Essentially, these longer screws will penetrate deeper into the door frame, making it more difficult for someone to kick or pry open your door.


Since you can get a pound of three-inch screws at Home Depot for $9.48, this simple hack is also cost-effective. Now, you'll have enough screws to reinforce every single door in your home.

You also might want to consider upgrading your locks, installing window latches, and adding security bars for extra protection. For more information on how to burglar-proof your windows and doors, click here.


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