The 3 Best TikTok Hacks We Learned in May

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May is over and June is on the horizon, and this past month, we've learned a lot from and have been consistently inspired by many TikTok hacks. Yes, our love for the platform and all the knowledge it holds is still going strong.


Now, you know the best TikTok hacks we discovered in April, but what about May? Let's discuss.

Video of the Day

1. A safety hack that makes your front door stronger.

There is no such thing as too many safety hacks and this past month, @cathypedrayes helped us add another one to our list. By simply switching out the screws in your front door's strike plate, you can reinforce it. For exact instructions, click here.

2. A DIY hack for creating a chic tiled nightstand.

Earlier this month, we wrote about the best IKEA hacks on TikTok and though they were all amazing, one stood out of the crowd. We're referring to @lonefoxhome's '70s-inspired tiled nightstand, which they created using IKEA's Bestå unit.


3. A kitchen organizing "hack."

While this TikTok isn't exactly a hack, we still think it's worthy of including because of how much it made us reconsider our kitchen organization. In the video, @patriciapradooliv shows viewers a new way to store silverware. Instead of stacking utensils, she lays them sideways and, honestly, we might prefer this method.



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